Damage #6

Writer: Diogenes Neves and Robert Venditti
Artist: Trevor Scott

Cornered and under attack from Gorilla Grodd and Poison Ivy, Ethan may have no choice but to not hold back and let Damage be unleashed. Even if Ethan is able to survive this, he still has Colonel Jonas hit on his heels and another party that has taken an interest in Ethan and Damage, Swamp Thing.

Neves and Venditti offer a straight ahead continuation issue here. No big plot twists or turns, no shocking endings, no characters we didn’t see coming. I would say there are a few little surprises here and there as far as the characters go but nothing too fancy. In other words boys and girls, it’s kind of an average issue. Not that the story wasn’t good, but there just was no wow factor to it. It was just like I said it was: a straight continuation issue. Now knowing these two writers, I’m sure we will get more plot turns and twists as we follow Ethan and his character development on throughout the story. The action sequences were solid as they come – that and the few surprises I mentioned earlier are what really stand out in this issue. Not a bad story, I just wished one character was used more than just a few panels, but that’s just my opinion, for what it’s worth.

The art served to us by Trevor Scott is right on point with the story as far as keeping up with the flow of the story and really bringing it to life. Colors pop in all the right places thanks to the wonderful work of Allen Passalaqua, and like I said before, the action scenes are the main attraction in this issue.

Just because it’s an average continuation issue doesn’t mean you skip this book of you’re a fan. I have a feeling things are about to get pretty interesting for Ethan Avery.

6.5 out 10

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