VALIANT releasing ‘Bloodshot: Rising Spirit’ in anticipation of SONY MOVIE DEAL

At the recent 2018 Denver Comic-Con, David Menchel (assistant editor of Valiant Comics) dished on the publisher’s 5-movie deal with Sony Pictures that will finally take its first steps to fruition in a couple months. The cinematic universe will begin with Bloodshot; a high-tech, vengeance fueled tale with high-octane action and government conspiracy abound.

“Think Robocop meets the Punisher.” – David Menchel.

The movie has already cast Vin Diesel as the titular character along with Michael Sheen, Eiza Gonzalez (Baby), and Sam Heughan (Outlander) and is set to begin filming in South Africa come August. The film will shoot for an R-rating. The script’s writer Eric Heisserer, best known for his work on the Oscar-nominated film ‘Arrival’ in 2016, has been attached to the project since its announcement back in 2015. Heisserer will also pen the deal’s final crossover film ‘Harbinger Wars’, bringing both ‘Bloodshot’ and Valiant’s other prospective film property, the aptly named ‘Harbinger,’ together on the big screen.

With ‘Bloodshot’ expecting to end filming and enter post production later this year, Valiant has announced the arrival of a prequel of sorts, exploring events surrounding the anti-hero’s back story and driving motivations, in their new comic series ‘Bloodshot: Rising Spirit.’

“We’re finally exploring what Bloodshot was doing during the time that he spent working for Rising Spirit. It’s going to delve into a lot of the memory implants that they gave him. It’s going to be a very exciting, high adrenaline, action packed adventure story. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to a Bloodshot origin story.” – David Menchel 

Will Valiant be the first to successfully bring an all-new shared universe to the silver screen? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

Bloodshot: Rising Spirit is set to hit shelves in November.

New to the comic and want to get started? Read the first Bloodshot issue for free! on the Valiant website.

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