Midnight Task Force #1 Review

Written by Mark London
Art by Alejandro Giraldo

First of all, I would recommend picking up this issue when it comes out next month. It’s refreshing and a way to take a little break from capes destroying buildings. It’s real and raw and leaves you wanting to know more about the story. The writing and the art are overall very well done, and the story has an intrigue plot that will keep you interested in the characters and the developments in the plot.

Midnight Task Force is a crime series that has a lovely twist to it. It is dark and twisted, and we get a grittier look into futuristic Detroit. We first see our main character Aiden 9 years previous to the events that will take place as the main story line. He is with a military group in Somalia, and things don’t go as well as they intend them to. We then move to Detroit in the year 2055 where crime is crazy. Aiden is now a detective and is called in on a series of murders that are brutal and very specific in the way the bodies are left. Throughout this issue as we travel around with Aiden, we see him hearing voices marked with different colors. It isn’t until the end that we get a better idea of what all of that is, but as I was reading it, I assumed they were his friends from his military time 9 years previous. I wasn’t sure if they were in his head or talking to him through an earpiece while in a different location or what. It’s cleared up a little at the very end of the issue, but I’m sure it’s even more clear in the upcoming issues.

As far as the writing goes, I felt it was a little cliche in spots where we have a slight break from the murders where Aiden calls out a father for kidnapping his own son for money. It’s all involved with a big company – The Viridian Corporation. It feels like this kidnapping scenario was put in there as a way to introduce the corporation and to also have Aiden’s detective work put on live television for a sinister character to see and comment on later. Other than that though, I am enjoying the overall story and am intrigued to see where it goes next. The questions that are left make me want to know the answers.

The art is good as well. There are some brutal panels with bodies that have been mutilated by this killer, and the art on it is extremely well done – very gruesome and unsettling. It also feels like the artist incorporated the fact that the year is 2055 and adds in a lot of elements that feel futuristic. We do get a “Winter Soldier” arm addition in the end as well which has a nice clean look to it.


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