Wonder Woman #48 Review

Written by James Robinson
Art by Jesus Merino
Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Last issue, Jason was left to fend for himself against the monolith dark gods as Diana was whisked away by the Star Sapphires to deal with one of the dark gods on their home planet of Zamaron.

In this issue, James Robinson gets us deep into Jason’s head as he delves into his thoughts and feelings as he tries to battle this massive threat while accessing the wisdom of Athena to find out why they are here, and how he might be able to defeat them.

He fends for himself quite well and learns quite a bit about them. There is Mob God, goddess of chaos, then there is the God with No Name, god of doubt and nothing, and Savage Fire, goddess of War. There is also a fourth god still encased in the monolith, King Best.

Steve Trevor does his best to support him as best he can until the Justice League shows up, which is a nice surprise and gives the issue a bit of star power as Jason gives them as much details on the Dark Gods as he can. Even Supergirl has recovered from her Dark God control to pitch in. With so many heroes around, King Best decides to come out of his shell to do battle, and that’s when Wonder Woman shows up having just returned from Zamaron.

It looks like issue #49 will be an action packed battle that’s very easy on the eyes as our heroes look to thwart this new Dark Universe threat. If you didn’t read the Wonder Woman annual that came out last week, then it is worth mentioning that the reason all these dark gods have turned up is because of the Source Wall being broken, allowing all these new threats to enter our universe.

The art in this issue is amazing and is very consistent with the other artists that have worked on Wonder Woman recently, and I don’t think that is by accident, so credit must go to the artists and the editorial staff that work on Wonder Woman.

Not a lot happened this issue story wise, and that may continue next issue when we get the inevitable face off in issue #49. At least it’s great to look at though.

7 out of 10

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