Stellar #1 Review

Written by Joseph Keatinge
Art and Cover by Bret Blevins

Stellar #1 was an easy to follow, interesting first issue to a story that I am definitely interested in reading more of. The story takes place in outer space with multiple planets implied. There is a war going on, and Stellar, our titular character, shows up on a planet where she is soon followed by more of her “kind”. We get this story by flashbacks with her telling her captured bounty a story of her life and how she came to be where she was. From what we can tell, she was part of a group who claims to be there to end the war, but we see that she is now a bounty hunter in present time. She is turned down for the bounty that she is trying to collect on due to the people who put out the bounty being “destroyed” by the war. She decides to take this prisoner to the “sanctuary” of monks where she first landed while defecting.

This wasn’t a very long first issue, and that was fine. After the issue ends, there is a bit from the writer Joseph Keatinge about how everything aligned in order for this comic to happen. He talks about his comic roots and his connection with artist Bret Blevins. I liked the personal story at the end. He talks about how if life is just one road, it is a road with twists and turn arounds and is inevitable, and that this is incorporated into the story.

The writing so far has been good. I already like Stellar, which is an achievement as I’m not prone to liking many characters right away. It may also be attributed to Blevins’ art that makes me like her as well. The concern and pain in her eyes at times makes me feel for her and want to know more of her story. We have seen stories about war torn universes (I’m also a big fan of Saga from Image Comics as well), but I still would like to see where this story goes, and I also want to know more about these people who claim they were there to stop the world. Also, there is an implication at the end that reality is not so easy to recognize, and that time is starting to lose all meaning. I am incredibly interested to see how this plays out within the story, and what consequences this concept will have on the characters involved.


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