Red Hood and the Outlaws # 23

Written by Scott Lobdell
Pencils by Trevor Hairsine
Inks by Ryan Winn
Colors by Rainier Beredo
Cover by Antonio Fabela and Trevor Hairsine

Scott Lobdell on Red Hood and the Outlaws has been more than consistent, from the start of Rebirth to now. The humorous way in which he depicts the most unlikely of team-ups is fantastically entertaining to read. Not only does he write a half-funny, half-serious comic, but he integrates other dynamics into it as well. He has created, in me, a love for the character Bizarro who I have never paid much mind to. For that matter, he did the same with Jason Todd. I have never been a fan of Jason, but after Lobdell’s amazing run, Jason is for sure in my top ten heroes. Lobdell has also hinted/teased at an unspoken love between Jason Todd and Artemis that secretly leaves you rooting for them. In addition to the writing, the artwork for this title compliments Lobdell’s stories wonderfully. The details are crisp, the colors are nice, and character proportions are drawn with care which is something that I always pick up on. I am continually enthusiastic for new releases of this title.

After the disappearance of Ma Gunn, her granddaughter delivers a package of letters to Jason. These were letters from Jason’s father that Ma Gunn regrettably kept from him throughout the years that he was growing up in her orphanage. I know, super sad!! The whole issue captures Jason sitting by the fireplace reading each letter from his father. This was actually really moving and tugged at my heartstrings a good bit. I felt bad for him. Ultimately, this leads Jason to physically check the grave of his father only to see that there was no body in the coffin. What does this mean for Jason? Is his father still out there somewhere? As Jason deals with this new turn of events, and as Bizarro is barely holding on to his newfound intellect before slipping back into a child-like state of mind, we will have to find out what happens next time in: “Everything get worse… For everyone.”

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