Detective Comics #982

Written by Michael Moreci
Pencils and Inks by Sebastian Fiumara
Colors by Dave Stewart
Cover by Brad Anderson and Sebastian Fiumara

This week in Detective Comics, writer Michael Moreci takes over on a filler issue before Bryan Hill begins his story arc. Moreci has previously written for Superman, The Flash, Suicide Squad, and many other non-DC titles like Conan Exiles. In Detective Comics, he takes a very different and interesting approach. This issue was dark, and generally speaking, that is fitting for Detective Comics. But Moreci took it to another level of demonic darkness and a real feel of horror.

Batman navigates through the bowels of Gotham looking for an abducted boy named Joshua. In his search, he faces a cult of people brainwashed by the ghost of Deacon Blackfire, an entity previously thought eradicated by Spectre in past lore. This was a quick story, with a problem, the problem was solved, and it ended. It was certainly random and off the wall. The artwork is super detailed, and the texture of it has hard/rough strokes creating the feel of chaos which definitely fit the style of writing well.

This issue brought to my mind a quote from Aristotle. The quotes says: “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” The whole issue takes place in the shadows, dark colors, and Batman himself is even thrown into darkness to hallucinate Gotham City inundated in fire. This is the whole issue. However, the very last page Batman looks out over a pristine Gotham City, beautifully lit by the sun. Most of the story focused on Batman trudging through the darkness, and then in the end was able to appreciate the light. This was a cool parallel, after all, what is light without a little darkness too?

I wasn’t wowed by this story, and it didn’t leave me wanting more. But again, it’s a filler issue. If you are generally a Detective Comics fan, then include this in your pull for the week. Otherwise, it’s safe to skip I think. Until next time, happy reading!

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