Legion Chapter 16 Review

It’s coming to an end. It’s hard to believe something that seems so aimless at times can actually find its center. Chapter 16 has the convergence of this season’s 2 ongoing storylines: The Shadowking uniting with his long lost body and David setting out to close the emotional hole in his heart by killing the Shadowking. For the first time, this season, our characters are finally coming into their own. Lest we forget, this episode is weird, but now it’s weird while telling a story and guiding the characters where they need to be. Although everything is very small scale, the power of each character is so tremendous that, when pushed, their powers will shake the world to its core.

David decided that this season has had enough set up and actually went out to do so. It’s okay, though, he left a note. This all, of course, is building up to the big conflict. So this season has largely existed in the astral dimension, and this is where the primary story has really taken place. David is now accepting the adage that Uncle Ben passed down to Peter and is using his vast power, which he is starting to gain a grasp on, to help the Shadowking in the name of the greater good. The enemy of my enemy is not a bad friend.

At this point, David has taken charge and, without saying it, has become the leader. He set out to solve the larger plot thread of the season, and Syd, who loves David, isn’t willing to lose him over a vague threat from somebody that may or may not be her from the future. Remember that dumb scene from the end of The Last Jedi, where Rose stopped Finn from saving everyone in the name of love. Well, Legion did it better by having the same message, but by uniting the characters in heroism instead of mucking up something selfless and brave. The last lingering thread is that of the Shadowking whose goal is nothing malicious, but his actions along the way are certainly that, so it’s hard to think what type of ploy would cause a union of him and anything.

So this is an adaptation of a comic book, basically, and this episode had something which I found pleasantly surprising; comic book panels. One of my many criticisms of the 2003 film, Hulk, was the obnoxious use of comic book panels, in an attempt to give the audience a semblance of connection to the original property. Here, the panels are sprinkled in, and they are used to show the passage of time. It is a nod to the the original medium, and it is a clever trick of filmmaking. I have long praised this series for its solid film making, and this was something that immediately clicked.

My favorite parts of Legion are when it is weird, but the story continues to move. After the creators decided there was enough set up, the third act has finally begun. David knows what he has to do, who he is, and Syd wants to be with him every step of the way. I, for one, appreciate love in dark times. Opposed to something like CSI, or NCIS, Legion ranks among the sleekest shows on tv, even rivaling Westworld. I have some opinions on where this could potentially go, but I am a raving lunatic with various tin foil hats.

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