Green Arrow #41

Written by Mairghread Scott
Art by Matthew Clark
Inks by Sean Parsons
Colors by Jason Wright
Letters by Deron Bennett

Since the last issue, Oliver has teamed up with the Justice League and his status from Vigilante is progressing to Hero status.

Green Arrow in this issue shows that even without being “super”, he can be a hero – even if that means just escorting the villainous Parasite to Stryker’s Island. As perfect as the plan may have been to have a non “super” hero escort, the one villain that can absorb powers, the plan did not take into account the “SUPER” villains of the prison.

This issue was both action packed and filled with just the right amount of humor. Both to be expected from a Green Arrow book, but it has been lacking for the past few issues. The art was fun and made for a more cinematic look for Oliver as he made his way throughout the prison. Mairghread Scott’s writing was a bit on the nose with some of the internal dialogue for Oliver at the start, but it paid off with his banter later throughout the issue. Some suspenseful things are brewing for Green Arrow as he secures Stryker’s underground as he continues his hunt for Parasite.


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