Go Go Power Rangers #10

Written by Ryan Parrott
Illustrated by Dan Mora
Colors by Raul Angulo
Letters by Ed Dukeshire

In the previous issue, the rangers encountered an evil Pink Ranger. Jason’s dad was holding a secret, and Matthew has had some close calls with Rita and her villainous team.

In this issue, Matthew claims to Kimberly that he believes he is somehow connected to the Power Rangers. Meanwhile, Jason very emotionally confronts Zordon about his father. Jason is fearful that his father may be dying. With all of the technology at their disposal, Jason asks Zordon if it may be possible to help and save his father. Zordon is unable to do so, claiming that the dangers of humanity getting ahold of that power may not be the best idea.

The evil Pink Ranger attacks Angel Grove with her zord, the Gravezord. A zord made up from the remains of zords that fell in battle. With her experience, she is successfully able to keep the rangers from forming the Megazord. But it was all a distraction, evil Kimberly was actually controlling the Gravezord remotely and made her way to the Command Center.

In the midst of the Zord battle in downtown Angel Grove, Matthew, still convinced that he is connected to the Power Rangers, makes his way into the middle of the confrontation. All the while, Kimberly of this time made her way to the Command Center to help Zordon and Alpha 5.

The creative team from Go Go Power Rangers has, and I believe will always be, right on point. Dan Mora’s art is always just a joy to look at. Parrott’s writing has made it almost impossible to love only one character in this book. With the confidence building in Billy, to the more emotional Jason, to the regretful Zordon. Parrott has these character right on track for their futuristic predecessors of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers title.


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