Super Sons Special #1 Dynomutt and the Blue Falcon

Written by, Peter J. Tomasi
Pencils by, Fernando Pasarin
Inks by, Oclair Albert
Colors by, Gabe Eltaeb
Letters by, Rob Leigh


A prelude to the main story informs the reader of Blue Falcon’s backstory. Radley Crowne grew up in “Big City”. Obsessed with robotics, he develops robots in the basement of his parent’s mansion. His father interrupts him one night to show him the puppy he got. Time passes. Radley and “Mutt” share a lot of fun times together. However, Radley’s parents are murdered, which contributes to Radley’s choice to stay home and work on a project he calls  “dynamic neural-organisms” instead of attending M.I.T. Eventually, Mutt grows old and is about to pass. Radley uses the technology he developed to save Mutt, giving birth to Dynomutt. The beginning of the story grabs the reader because it establishes Radley’s talent as a scientist. In addition, it shows his close bond with Mutt in the face of the tragic loss of his parents.

The story transitions to the present. Jonathan is at a funeral. Growing tired, he leaves to get some air in the front yard. Damien meets Jonathan in the front yard; however, they are interrupted by Dynomutt who appears to them in terrible shape.  Damien, Jonathan, and Dynomutt transport to Blue Falcon’s mansion which is fitted with a state of the art lab. Dynomutt begins to be repaired by the automated tech in the lab. Damien gives Jonathan a history lesson on Blue Falcon, his attempts to rid Big City of crime, and Falcon’s close ties to Damien’s father Batman. The history lesson was much appreciated because I’d never heard of Blue Falcon or why the character was important to the DC universe. Dynomutt informs the Super-Sons that Red Vulture has taken Blue Falcon and left him to die. This alerts Damien of the possible dangers.

However, Damien and Superboy are not prepared as Blue Falcon enters the lab and makes quick work of Damien and Jonathan. The ease at which Damien is defeated was questionable. He recently fought Talia Al Ghul to a draw and is one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in the DC. Superboy was easily subdued with a gun that fired krypton-laced ammunition, which was understandably effective.

Blue Falcon takes the remains of Dynomutt to his leader, Red Vulture, who was previously his arch-nemesis. Back at the lab, Damien and Superboy awake to find Dynomutt missing. They locate his digital imprint and follow the trail to locate Blue Falcon. They arrive to find Red Vulture in possession of Dynomutt. He intends to transfer his essence into Dynomutt because his physical form has eroded significantly. The banter from Red Vulture was a bit nonsensical. Red Vulture says, “People create a higher power because of their fear of the dark.” The statement is cryptic and lacks emotional weight.

Red Vulture informs Blue Falcon of the irony of the situation: Blue Falcon created Red Vulture with his Dynamic Neural-Organism technology, similar to how he did with Dynomutt. However, Red Vulture has overpowered Blue Falcon: the creator now serves the created. A fight ensues and when it appears that all is lost for the Super-Sons, Dynomutt comes to life and turns the tide. In the end, Red Vulture is defeated, but Blue Falcon sacrifices his life to save Dynomutt and the Super-Sons. With Dynamic Neural-Organism technology is anyone really ever dead? The sacrifice by Blue Falcon was heart-warming because it showed Blue Falcon’s return from the dark place he had gone. He loves Dynomutt and would do anything to save his friend.

Overall = 8.5/10

Final Impressions

The art is strong and supports the pace of the story throughout. The story is strong because it provokes thought. The moral of the story is intriguing: mankind will do anything for his best friend. The story has layers and provokes thought: how do you deal with death, which is a predictable part of the human condition? Blue Falcon’s experiments using Dynamic Neural-Organism technology kept his best friend alive, Dynomutt, but also created his worst enemy, Red Vulture.    


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