Justice League No Justice #4

Written by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and Joshua Williamson
Art by Francis Manapul
Color by Hi-Fi

The final chapter in Scott Snyder’s month long mini-series finishes with a big bang as Francis Manapul triumphantly returns on pencils with an ocular feast of successive double splash pages that can’t be described as anything other than magnificent.

Last issue closed out with the Omega Titans arriving on Earth ready to devour it after Brainiac had supercharged its seed to draw them there after successfully destroying Colu with the Justice League barely escaping in time.

Waller has received the all clear from the Pentagon to nuke the four trees that have sprouted up and is ready to give the order, but then the Justice League teams boom through to give the pessimistic Waller reason to pause. Thanks to a supercharging of Cyborg’s mother box from Brainiac’s tech, our heroes were able to get back to Earth in time before the nuclear option is taken.

Waller then agrees to give Cyborg a digital download of all the data she extracted from Brainiac before it caused his head to explode and die, and Cyborg believes if they can supercharge another seed it might be enough of a distraction to stop the Cosmic Titans from devouring Earth. Flash gathers up the remaining seeds as Diana, Martian Manhunter and Lex Luthor provide the spark to charge each of their seeds that will be fired into the Entropy Titan in the hope that the other Titans will devour it and forget about Earth.

Hal Jordan wills a giant cannon into existence for the seeds to be fired from, and Green Arrow delivers the shot into the Entropy Titan. His brothers cannot resist and set upon feeding on him and all his energy. In all the kerfuffle, Vril Dox makes a quiet escape as yet again our heroes save the day but at the same have upset the cosmic balance of the universe for a second time after in short succession.

At the end of the issue a meeting is called and a new Justice League is formed with Martian Manhunter elected as chairman of the board. Even though Cyborg has deactivated Earth’s seed, the four energy trees have remained as beacons, but for what? At this time, it is unknown, and that is not good enough for Diana who is determined to find out. Lex is also curious and tells Manhunter that the Earth is tipped toward Entropy not Justice, and he needs to prepare. Manhunter now knows this is truly just the beginning.

The pacing of the story this issue was right on point. Snyder, Tynion and Williamson did a great job fitting in all the different plot points that dovetailed together at the end, however in true Snyder style, other things were teased and hinted at for stories to come.

This of course should build great anticipation for his Justice League #1 that starts next month, while leaving the reader to speculate about how big of a role Lex Luthor will play in it as many anticipate his return to villain status. This was also a discussion point the moment it was announced that Bendis would be taking over the Superman titles. Only time will tell if darkness lies ahead for his royal baldness.

Despite some hiccups with the art in the last issue, overall the art in this series has been quite breathtaking. With so many double splash pages throughout the four issues, it would be wise to get the individual issues rather than wait for the collected trade so that the book can be laid completely flat to soak in so much of the great art unencumbered.

9 out of 10

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