Doomsday Clock #5 Review

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Gary Frank
Colorist: Brad Anderson

Finally, Doomsday Clock #5 hits the stands, and it doesn’t disappoint. I can see why Johns and Frank want to take their time with this title, and that’s because they are both putting forth their best effort, and this issue is a perfect example of that. This series feels like a slow burn, but I think there was a lot to digest in this issue.

Ozymandias has broken out of custody and is on the run from the law, but things start to get interesting when he encounters Batman. The banter that goes on between the two of them is priceless because both make some thought-provoking points. However interesting their thoughts are though, neither one can seem to see the other’s point of view. And while this was going on for most of the issue, there were a lot secondary things going on as well.

Rorschach has escaped from Arkham Asylum, The Mime and Marionette finally meet someone special, and superheroes are not as welcomed as they once were. This is a lot to unpack but it was all worth exploring. Rorschach broke out of Arkham, but had help from a member of the Legion, and they also help someone rediscover their true identity. The Mime and Marionette were doing nothing but causing havoc and trouble until the finally met the Clown Prince of Crime. And finally, all the backlash the heroes are receiving is very reminiscent of the original Watchmen series and can’t wait to see where it all leads to.

There are some other threads that are pulled on in this issue, but read it if you want to know what they are because they are all relevant to what’s going in the series. Doomsday Clock #5 may be the best so far because many issues are being discussed and the final five pages made it worth it all. I know the schedule for this series is all discombobulated at the moment, but please don’t let that stop you from enjoying a great thing. I know that’s asking a lot, but would you rather it be rushed and have the quality suffer? The answer to that is a big no for me, so let Johns and Frank tell their story because we all know it’ll be worth the wait.


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