Barrier #5

Written by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Marcos Martin
Colors by Muntsa Vicente

In the last issue of Barrier, Liddy and Oscar found themselves in a planetarium of some sort on the alien ship.

In this conclusion, Liddy and Oscar confront the aliens one last time. Standing their ground and ready to go home.

As much as the first issue took aim at a political narrative, in this issue, the backgrounds of both Liddy and Oscar are finally told, and the narrative comes down to the similarities of both protagonists. With this miniseries being bilingual, it did not take away from the urge to want more story from Oscar. In this day in age, Google Translate is the answer to most language barriers.

The last pages made this entire series worth it. Vaughan, Martin, and Vicente made a perfectly emotional ending. The way Vaughan made Liddy, Oscar, and even the Aliens change to each others languages. Liddy’s backstory being told in the language of the Alien species, the Aliens start to speak Spanish which to the average English speaking reader would still feel and look “Alien”, and having Oscar’s backstory told in English was brilliant. This change in languages made Oscar more relatable even if it was for a short time. When Liddy and Oscar found themselves back on Earth, giving them hope, and then to strip it away at the end was again, very emotional.


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