Legion Chapter 15 Review

We are drawing to a close in this season of Legion. I am starting to lean towards 8 being the appropriate amount of episodes, considering how much bizarre imagery fills each episode. Even though the pieces are coming together, it did feel a bit excessive throughout most of the season. My major question is, considering how much bigger the stakes are this season, can this fit into a larger cinematic universe? Although I like the show, I’m starting to get a sense of meandering from the plotting.

I like as much content that I can get, but I can’t help but feel the show runner had a bit too much free reign this season. While creators deserve control, I have to admit this season was a bit too bonkers. Chapter 14 was easily the best episode of the series, but it was sandwiched between the 2 least memorable episodes of the series. In my opinion, chapters 13 and 15 could have been edited into 1 episode, considering that both of those episodes were largely padded with imagery. I appreciate the imagery, but I’ve reached the point where I want the story to unfold.

The major revelations in this chapter are the face of the admiral and David learning of the psychic beasts implanted the heads of his team. I think Noah Hawley has proven to be an excellent visual storyteller, but there was a bit more Mulholland Drive than straight story. Don’t get me wrong, this season has been great, but I wish it had hurried a little bit more to the spot it is in now. Everyone is great, the visuals actually look very good, for tv, I just think some of this season, this episode included, could have used a trim.

Legion is starting to open up to the larger world, and I wonder where it can fit into either the larger X-Men universe or a potential Marvel Cinematic Universe. David is a very powerful dude, and I think it is feasible that the Shadowking could be a proverbial thorn in the side of the Avengers. The only thing I am a bit apprehensive of is the power creep of characters. Eventually there has to be an endgame for David, and if he realizes his full potential, every villain is going to have to be a world ending threat, or there will be a lack of outer conflict for David. If Legion turned into Star Trek: The Next Generation, though, I really wouldn’t complain.

After all the build up and white background scenes with metaphors that parallel the main story, the pieces are finally coming together. They have slowly come together, and I think just a tad too slow. It is truly a unique show, and we don’t have anything that looks like this, but it does get a bit excessive at times. I will be very shocked if this series ends after this season, but if it doesn’t I trust Dave can miraculously fit into a larger universe, be it MCU or FoX-Men. All in all, Chapter 15 was a bit much in terms of how it slowly told the story of psychic monsters in David’s friend’s heads, but it brings us a large step closer to the conclusion of this series.

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