The Silencer #5

The Silencer #5 Exit Strategy part 2
Art by, Ivan Bogdanovic
Written by, Dan Abnett
Colors by, Mike Spicer
Letters by, Tom Napolitano

Review by, Tom Zimm


The issue begins, Deathstroke has The Silencer in handcuffs with a gun pointed at the back of her head. The Silencer isolates Deathstroke’s motives, which are professional. He needs her to stop the Leviathan Civil War. Silencer says she’s out, but Deathstroke proves how badly Quietus wants her dead, and therefore, how important Silencer is to the Leviathan group. However, Silencer was just stalling, distracting Deathstroke the entire time allowing her suit to break the handcuffs.

Deathstroke is taken off guard, and a brutal hand-to-hand fight ensues. Deathstroke implores Silencer to fix the Leviathan Civil War so that business can be restored, as usual. He gets the upper hand, again, cementing his point. She tells him she wants a normal life, a family. She lands a blow while pointing out that Deathstroke refused to kill her twice. The fight continues, Deathstroke reminds Silencer that she started the war when she killed Guile. She points out that Deathstroke only wants the war to end so that he can make money. Finally, both put their weapons away: Deathstroke doesn’t want to kill her, she doesn’t want this world anymore.

Silencer comes up with a plan: Talia Al Ghul wants to remain in control. Therefore, they will take out any underboss that threatens her, paving the way for Talia to remain in power and ending the war. However, Deathstroke wants Silencer to turn Talia into the underbosses as a way of restoring balance. Silencer believes that Talia warned her and saved her life. Deathstroke believes Talia blew her cover, turned her whereabouts over to the underbosses, so Silencer would fight Talia’s battles for her.

Silencer is let loose, and she walks home after deciding to confront Talia. Her son greets her, a reminder of the normal life she craves. She is in another world while her husband and her son eat dinner and transition through the night. Later, she contacts Talia and requests a time to meet face-to-face. Talia says that she’ll think about it. The next day, Silencer and her son go out to ice cream. Deathstroke surveys her with a rifle in hand. Talia shows up at the restaurant surprising Honor, The Silencer. Honor confronts Talia who admits that she outed her position to get her active again. Armed hitmen approach the building as they talk: both feel betrayed and exposed. However, they arm-up and return fire. Honor tells her son, “Look away Jellybean.”

Overall = 9/10

Final Impressions
Another strong issue. The dialogue between Deathstroke and Silencer is the highlight along with the double-crossing dynamic with Talia. Deathstroke has everyone’s respect as the most dangerous hitman in the DC universe. However, we know that Silencer is every bit as accomplished. The art is gorgeous. The use of shading, along with detailed facial work makes this issue stand out. The colors are congruent with the tone established by the story, which also strengthens the felt impact of the story. I highly recommend this book

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