Deadpool 2 Spoiler Review

This review contains spoilers.

Deadpool 2 is about Wade Wilson trying to figure out how to die… essentially. Vanessa dies pretty quick at the beginning, and so Wade decides to try to kill himself to get to her – wherever she is – by killing himself, but she tells him that his heart is not the right place yet. So, he tries to blow himself up, but that doesn’t accomplish what he’s set out to do, and so he is brought in to the X-Men mansion by Colossus. We find out that there is a problem with a kid mutant, and Wade decides to help. A repeated joke is that he is there as an X-Men “trainee”. Wade of course takes the reins though and tries to convince the kid to calm down. This causes both the kid and Wade to get a power suppressing collar put on and put in jail. A time traveling Cable makes a visit to the jail, and Wade presumes that he is there for him “What’s a middle aged guy with a Winter Soldier arm want with me?” (or something to that effect, this is only “one time view” review). But as it turns out, Cable want to kill the kid Russell because, in the future, Russell has essentially lost his humanity and is a cold blooded killer who kills Cable’s family. Wade is able to escape by Cable and him getting blown out of the complex (where Wade almost dies again but doesn’t). Wade thinks that saving this kid is what he needs to do to get to Vanessa, so he decides to try to save him. He builds a team called the X-Force, which is quickly eliminated due to high winds. They try to break Russell out of a convoy that is holding all of the mutants from the now destroyed mutant prison, but things do not go as planned obviously. Weasel, who ruins everything by making a fake bomb threat.. oh wait, no that was T.J. Miller in real life, Weasel the character ruins everything by telling Cable all of the X-Force’s plans. Russell, aka Firefist (even though it goes up to his elbows), releases the “biggest and baddest” villain that was kept in the mutant prison who we find out is Juggernaut. So Cable decides to explain to Wade what is going on and why. Wade decides to help Cable as long as Cable gives him time to try to change the future and talk Russell out of killing the headmaster (which is evidently the act that starts Russell down the path of being a killer). So, Cable carries around a teddy bear covered in his daughter’s blood. When Wade decides to sacrifice himself by suppressing his powers with the necklace thing and taking a bullet from Cable that was intended for Russell, it makes Russell change his ways, and the bear “heals”, and the blood is gone. Cable only had enough time travel juice to go to the past and then back to his present, but Cable decides to use it instead to save Wade from dying by letting the sacrifice spiel happen, but putting a game token, that he had stolen from Wade in the beginning, right on his suit where the bullet would hit so that Russell would still change his ways, but Wade would still live.

Big breath! Okay, so that’s the synopsis of the plot. Now into my review. First of all, I was really worried about the new director, so I want to go into that first. David Leitch is the new director. He is a stunt man primarily but is an “uncredited director” for John Wick and completely directed Atomic Blonde. When I saw Atomic Blonde, it really concerned me as far as directing goes for Deadpool. I think the main issue with Atomic Blonde was the writing, but the directing was not the best. It seemed washed out and the camera was too close and shaky. Of course, this is my opinion, calm down. Overall, Atomic Blonde was all right, but it really did cause concern. My pet peeves in camera work and action sequences are when the camera is too close so you can’t actually really see anything, and when it’s all over the place. I can see the thought process behind it. I’m fully aware of why it is done that way. But when there are directors out there that can portray the same sense of urgency and chaos without making me want to throw up, it means that “fast shaky close up cam” is not necessary and maybe not the best choice. Fortunately, Leitch only did the close up thing at the end. Overall, the directing was fine, but in the last big action sequence back at the school, there were so many times it was way too close up on the actors faces or hands or whatever, and it got scrambled, and I just didn’t like it. I am a huge Eddie Marsan fan (check out his performance in Little Dorrit if you want your mind blown on how this guy can transform himself), and so I was glad to see him in there as the headmaster. But, Leitch, again, had overall good directing and choices. It definitely had a different feel from the first Deadpool movie, but it wasn’t necessarily as bad as I was worried that it would be.

The cameos were fantastic. When it came to the X-Force, you went in knowing that it wasn’t going to be like a new Avengers team or X-Men. And when they get killed off pretty much right out of the gate, it was hilarious and perfectly acceptable. The flash of Brad Pitt as the Vanisher was hysterical. You see the empty parachute, and you think that they are just going with it, but there may not really even be someone there. Then POW, Brad Pitt dies. Hilarious. You also see Alan Tudyk and Matt Damon as “hillbillies” when Cable first gets to Earth. Honestly, I noticed Alan Tudyk, but only recently found out that the other hillbilly was Matt Damon. Well done. The best cameo though was the X-Men. While Colossus has Wade at the X-Men mansion to heal, Wade asks where all the other X-Men are. We get a split second shot of quite a few of them in a room where they promptly close the door whilst seemingly in a meeting, trying to avoid Wade’s notice. At the end, we also get cameos from Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. The end credit scenes were fantastic, and I will leave it at that.

So after my first viewing, I think this movie will get better the more times that I watch it, but as of right now, I liked the first one better. The first one seemed more cohesive and there for what it was, where this one seemed to have an agenda and tried to fit too many off sticks in there. Feel free to bring anything else up in the comments or yell at me if you’d like.

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