Justice League No Justice #2 Review

Written by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and Joshua Williamson
Art by Francis Manapul and Marcus To
Color by Hi-Fi

I must say, it is so nice to have a major event unfold on a weekly basis. No Justice #2 picks up in the Arctic Circle where Green Arrow is hot on the trail of Amanda Waller looking for answers about where all the superheroes have gone. Waller explains that after the Justice League inadvertently broke down the Source Wall and exposed Earth to new threats that she was done sitting on the sidelines, so she formed a group of psychics to help her gather intelligence and is now looking for Earth’s dormant cosmic seed. Oliver offers to help after Waller assures him that she had nothing to do with the disappearance of his friends.

Back on Colu, our heroes are trying to convince the local citizens that while they bear Brainiac’s nodes on their uniforms that they are on a mission of protection and not war and are trying to find the trees of wisdom in a bid to stop the cosmic gods, the Omega Titans. With Brainiac dead, the infighting has resumed, but they are all still invested in the common goal. The tree of wisdom on Colu is starting to assert itself over the other trees and needs to be de-powered, otherwise that would mean the cosmic Wisdom titan could begin to assert itself on the universe.

Team Mystery has discovered that Brainiac has shrunken thousands of planets and kept them stored inside the Tree of Mystery, and all but Sinestro want to free them from their prison. There are consequences to this action, as it might throw an imbalance through the universe if the Tree of Mystery was to grow in strength from this major release.

Back on Earth, Amanda and Oliver discover that its cosmic seed is not dormant and has been activated, most likely a fail-safe activated upon Brainiac’s death. Oliver is pissed off and tells Amanda that it wasn’t the Justice League that screwed Earth, it was her, as she was responsible for Brainiac’s death.

The end of the issue sees action take place at The Tree of Entropy as that team is battling to get to the centre of that tree thanks to pure brute force from Beast Boy and Lobo, but Batman says that they’re not even making a dent, and that something is drawing him in deeper, the true source of entropy. Luthor asks Beast Boy and Lobo to tear through the final wall and find out what it is, or more accurately, WHO it is.

[showhide type=”post” more_text=”End of Issue spoiler” less_text=”Hide spoilers”]
“Did you really think there was any hope for Colu, that Brainiac would ever put his faith in Earther Heroes?
Luthor asks “Who the hell are you?”
Batman answers for him “His name is Vril Dox”.
Vril then cuts him off “Yes Batman, but you can call me by the name my father gave me…Brainiac 2.0”.
Issue #2 had been given quite the platform and had some big heights to reach to satisfy continued interest from readers in this mini-event. Snyder and his team of writers have managed to do this more or a less with issue #2. I like where the story is headed, I just don’t know if the DC fans want this much going on in each issue. Much like how Infinity War had to manage such a massive cast of performers and in multiple locations while making sure not to overwhelm the audience is the same challenge presented here. I found myself going back and forth through the issue to get all the plot points and events straight in my head as they were unfolding as I was not keeping track of it all fluently. If Snyder’s intention is to get you to do this and not make it just a breezy fun read because he wants you to read it multiple times and analyse what it might all mean moving forward, then he has succeeded with this reader.

One thing that the writing team deserves praise for is that they must have realized very early on that with this many heroes involved, it was always going to be real hard for the readers to keep track of everyone all the time. In this issue we find out some of them have been taken off the board. Green Arrow informs Waller in the Arctic that the rest of the heroes from the four teams that did not go to Colu have gone into some kind of stasis and are out of play. Donna Troy, Aquaman and Nightwing are depicted in stasis tubes, that we must assume was a second fail-safe that occurred when Brainiac died. Any more fail-safes coming, I wonder? Get it? Wonder? Anyone? I blame Starro for this bad pun!

The art again was magnificent. Francis Manapul does not seem to have any weaknesses at all when it comes to drawing this massive roster of superheroes. You will also notice in the credits that Manapul was ably assisted by Marcus To. My guess on this is that the deadlines started to get tight very early on with this mini-series, and to avoid the type of delay that was required to help Capullo with the Metal event, and what is currently required to help Gary Frank with Doomsday Clock, that they brought in assistance straight away to not break momentum. With a weekly event, it’s a no-brainer decision – the whole issue looks amazing and nothing looks rushed. Colors by Hi-Fi are again just what the doctor ordered given the subject matter.

#1 and #2 have been pretty much what I expected so far, and the penultimate issue will most likely accelerate events quite a bit if we go by past Snyder arcs. If you’re loving it so far then strap in as the third issue will probably have the most thrills and spills. See you in seven!

7.5 out of 10

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