Damage # 5

Damage #5
Hostile Takeover pt 2
Matt Granberry

Writers: Diogenes Neves & Robert Venditti
Artist: Trevor Scott
Colors: Allen Passalaqua.

Damage is in the middle of a fight with Poison Ivy. Ivy proves to be too strong for Damage and quickly subdues him.  Meanwhile Colonel Jonas continues to pursue Ethan with the help of the Hunters, and she may have found the person that will lead her right to Ethan. Avery however has his own problems when he meets Poison Ivy’s new partners, the gorillas of Gorilla City led by none other than Grodd himself.

Neves and Venditti deliver another solid issue. At the heart of this particular story is the further character development of Ethan Avery. Here’s a man who, by his own admission, just wanted to make a difference. He just wants to be a hero, a person that mattered.  He’s faced with yet another test of self worth and doubt in this issue. Can he be what he set out to be, or is he just a ticking time bomb waiting to go off and cause nothing but destruction? Can Ethan be a hero or not? These are the hard questions Neves and Venditti bring out in the story and put Ethan at a crossroads. He wants to do the right thing, but will the monster inside him let him? Only time and the rest of this story arc will tell.

As far as the art goes, Scott and Passalaqua knock it out of the park. Colors pop in all the right places, the character’s definitions are all in place and look great. The action sequences with Ivy and Damage are done really well and highlights both characters powers in the best way. I particularly love the way they were able to capture the emotions on Ethan’s face while dealing with the conflict that is inside of him.

Solid writing with great character development plus some darn good art makes this issue a must grab next time you are in your local comic store.

7.5 out of 10

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