Barrier #3

Written by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Marcos Martin
Illustrated by Muntsa Vincente

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

Read the review for issues 1 and 2 here!

In the last issue, Liddy and Oscar find themselves abducted by aliens. Random species of Earth are found both dead and alive on the alien ship. Formal introductions are made between Liddy and Oscar, but shortly after, Liddy gets taken into a different part of the ship where she is set face to face with the alien species.

In this issue, Liddy wakes from a nightmare about her presumed husband: still alone in the room she had met the aliens, her ears still bleeding. Oscar finds his way through sections of the ship including a space the aliens kept all of the inanimate objects from Earth. As he is collecting supplies, he is confronted by one of the aliens who sprays him with a red gas and knocks him unconscious. He is transferred to the same room as Liddy. As they attempt to converse, neither of them can hear due to their ears bleeding out.

Liddy notices the backpack Oscar had found and attempts to light a cigarette. As the lighter is flicked, the ship reacts, knocking both Liddy and Oscar off balance. As Liddy attempts to find something to burn, she notices Oscar hugging a book: a sketchbook that he is able to let Liddy know belongs to his son by gesturing to a tattoo on his body. The aliens at the bridge of the ship notice the reaction the ship is having to the open flame. As they look at video footage of Oscar and Liddy, they notice that Liddy lit the notebook on fire. In order to put out the flame, a orange liquid is poured into the room, without any of it being flooded out, leaving Liddy and Oscar submerged.

As uncomfortable as the last two issues were, this has me more invested due to the slight hints of background on both characters. This issue was fully driven by art as well and had no text, forcing me to invest more time in looking at every panel. Vaughan’s teamwork with Vincente and Martin played out well in this issue, and I hope to see more of this in the next issues.


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