Barrier 1&2 Review

Written by Brian K. Vaughan
Art by Marcos Martin
Illustrated by Muntsa Vincente

In a time where society finds itself more xenophobic and politically driven, Brian K. Vaughan pushes the boundaries of discomfort while still keeping the story interesting in Barrier by making an investment in caring for these characters.

This story follows Liddy, a land owner in Pharr, Texas and Oscar, a Honduran native making his way to America. Both mirroring each other in their fear of one another.

This book makes an interesting turn through Oscars story. All of the dialogue is in Spanish, giving a unique spin on this book as a whole. As their worlds collide in their first meeting, an out of world experience quickly comes into play: Aliens.

In the midst of their abduction, Oscars backstory is shown giving more reasoning for his journey to America. Oscar is shown moving through the ship and finding Liddy who attacks him. Still unable to communicate with each other, they attempt to figure out what has happened when Liddy is taken by the Aliens.


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