The X-Files: JFK Disclosure Review

Written by Denton J. Tipton
Art by Menton3

I, first of all, just have to say that the art in this issue was absolutely phenomenal. Every single panel was unbelievably amazing. I was worried with the cover art being so good, that the inside art wouldn’t hold up, but I was gravely mistaken. The likeness of the actors and the characters were spot on. We see Mulder and Scully, of course, and they are both done expertly. We see Mulder’s father who looks like he could be Mulder’s father with a touch of Agent Spender in the mix. It was beautiful. Skinner and Cigarette Smoking Man also make appearances at the end and are done masterfully. I was really awed by this issue’s art (obviously), and I had to reread the words since I kept getting distracted by the art. Just… wow.

This issue is part one of the conspiracy behind the JFK assassination. An “informant” is on his deathbed and decides to tell Mulder his story due to the fact that Mulder’s father was involved. Releasing his story would tarnish the Mulder name, and this informant feels that he owes it to both Mulder and his father to share the story with Mulder instead of just release it. Evidently, the reason for the JFK assassination is that JFK was going to release the proof of existence of extraterrestrials and the government that uses their technology for weapons. One weapon being what was used to kill JFK.

There were points in the story that were a bit confusing, and I had to really pay attention to who was saying what and reread just to figure out what was going on. But that was only for a couple parts. The mass conspiracies and the people involved in them gets a bit confusing in general, but bouncing around between present day story telling and the panels that show the past made it a bit difficult to follow at times. This issue was absolutely fantastic though and gives readers exactly what they want in regards to what we all love about the X-Files. There is another book about an alligator man that is out right now, and I was massively underwhelmed by it and had a lot of issues with the writing, so going into this one, I was prepared for the worst. I was pleasantly surprised though, and I am definitely looking forward to the next issue.


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