Justice League No Justice #1 Review

Written by Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV and Joshua Williamson
Art by Francis Manapul
Color by Hi-Fi

In the closing moments of Scott Snyder’s Metal saga, it was explained that in the process of defeating Barbatos and using Tenth Metal, that it came at a cost and that cost was that at the end of the known universe, the Source Wall had been broken which meant that whatever the Source Wall was holding back in the past was no longer the case.

This first issue of No Justice picks up right from that plot point that was introduced in the epilogue of Metal #6. If you want even more background, pick up a copy of DC Nation #0 which is out now for a mere $.25 and read the third story in that issue which introduces the 4 new Justice League teams that are being formed to take on this new threat.

This issue begins with several members of the Justice League past and present, as well as members of the Titans and Teen Titans, taking on Brainiac in what appears as his latest attempt to enslave and capture Earth. After several proclamations that he is not here for such reasons, he manages to convince them off panel that he is here to help.

The reason he has come to Earth is to enlist the help of as many superheroes as he can find that fit his purpose to take on four impossibly powerful cosmic gods known as the Omega Titans. They are Entropy, Wisdom, Wonder, and Mystery. For eons they have been in a battle with each other to decide who of them is the most powerful – the winner would absorb all sentient beings and their worlds, and now that the source wall is down, they are on a path to Earth to do just that.

Brainiac wants to form 4 teams to take on each of the cosmic gods. According to him, his plan is extremely detailed and must be executed exactly as he has planned otherwise Earth is doomed. Okay Brainy, ego much! There’s one caveat as well, our heroes are all going to have to accept working with rivals and enemies from their past such as Lobo, Luthor, Sinestro, Deathstroke and Etrigan if this plan is to work.

There is a lot of setup in this issue, and it doesn’t end with just the Justice teams as we soon learn that Amanda Waller is not going to let all of this go down without her throwing in her 2 cents. Waller has assembled/captured a team of psychics in a bid to discover what Brainiac is up to and to take him down if necessary. We see that she has them all psychically linked together to amplify their powers in an attempt to hack Brainiac and get the answers she craves.

While Waller’s “team” is being introduced to us, Brainiac’s squad of heroes are in transit to the planet Colu to take on one or all of the Cosmic gods, it’s unclear at this point. During the trip there is a lot of in-fighting and distrust, which is expected considering their entwined histories and baggage. Brainiac is not in the mood and demands that they all focus and be ready to enact his plan. He explains that they need to find the 4 cosmic trees and their unique energy, but just as he tries to explain why, he is hit with a psychic wave of pain as Waller attempts to discover what’s going on in his head, and the pain becomes so intensely unbearable that he can’t handle it anymore.

[showhide type=”post” more_text=”End of Issue spoiler” less_text=”Hide spoilers”]
Superman asks him what’s wrong and he explains that he can’t think…then his head explodes! Waller’s psychic pushing was too much for him, and he is down for the count and apparently…dead.[/showhide]

There was so much to unpack in this issue that you just have to get through it all making sure to read all of Brainiac’s exposition carefully enough so that you are aware of all the moving parts and what is about to go down. I think issue #2 will be a much easier read provided there isn’t as much background information to come from the cosmic gods side of things, and even if it is, that’s okay because we are being introduced to a big new cosmic threat which is always exciting in terms of the DC Universe as a whole.

The art in this entire issue was fantastic. Francis Manapul and Hi-Fi need to be commended for that, I loved it. Visually, this issue was so ambitious, and they had no problem hitting their peaks. I really liked issue #1 overall, and I think Snyder having James Tynion IV and Joshua Williamson help him with the story will make sure that the plot doesn’t get too out of hand as they would have discussed every major turn in a writer’s room to make sure that every punch lands where it needs to.

8 out of 10

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