Green Arrow #40

Written by Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly
Art by Marcio Takara
Colors by Marcelo Maiolo
Letters by Deron Bennett

WARNING: This review contains spoilers

In the previous issue, Green Arrow meets a new foe, Nothing, a leader of a child army in Vakhar. Unable to harm children, Oliver is cornered and eventually loses the fight and left for dead.

In this issue, Oliver is saved by the Children of Vakhar; Amal, Kestrel, Amira, and Speedy. All of these children resemble a little bit of each member of the Justice League, and Green Arrow notices it immediately. The Children of Vakhar are very adamant about fighting the child army and Nothing, and when they notice Green Arrow is hesitant, they go for plan B and attack Oliver. When this happens, Oliver defends himself, but also critiques each of the kids on their movements and fighting. Oliver ultimately agrees to help them in an assault on Nothing and his Army and tells them that they cannot kill, giving the speech that every hero has given to a younger or newer hero at least once in their lifetime. The conclusion battle with Nothing was very quick with Green Arrow now being fully prepared for what he is up against.

Amal secures Nothing in handcuffs and immediately puts a gun to his head. Before he can pull the trigger, his father interrupts him and warns him that if he does it, he can’t take it back. Amal lowers his weapon and embraces his father, a celebration erupts, and Oliver leaves.

This issue was nothing too crazy and very predictable once the story starts to pick up with the introduction to the Children of Vakhar. For a two part small arc, it’s a good life experience for Oliver learning a few things from these kids. The art was nothing too exciting either, very ragged and sharp it made some panels unappealing.



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