Deathstroke #31

Deathstroke # 31

Deathstroke vs Batman pt. 2

A review by Matt Granberry

Writer: Christopher Priest
Artists: Carlo Pagulayan & Roberto Viacara
Inks: Jason Pax

After their last encounter where Batman warned Slade to stop his mercenary ways, Slade of course ignores him. Accompanied by Wintergreen, Slade sets off on his next mission but is shot out of the air by a mystery assailant. Slade survives, of course, only to be confronted by an old flame: Taila al Ghul. Meanwhile Batman investigates the theft of some Waynetech technology that leads him to an ex of Deathstroke’s, Adeline Kane, setting up another showdown with Slade. Unbeknownst to either Batman or Deathstroke, Wintergreen and Alfred continue to set their own agenda into action.

This reads like one of those cat and mouse spy novels where you know the two main characters are gonna do battle, you just don’t know when, and it’s that anticipation for this fight that Priest is firing on all cylinders with. He is keeping the reader engaged in the current story, but he also has us looking very much forward to the next issue. The plot twists and turns are excellently done, placed just at the right moments to keep the reader interested and wondering what will happen next.

The art done by Pagulayan and Viacara in this issue is absolutely beautiful and compliments the story extremely well. The art is not to bright, yet it’s not too dark, but it has the right mixture of both to show it off brilliantly. The details of of the characters such as their suits and facial features are highlighted greatly by these two artists and it shows throughout the entire issue.

All in all this issue will leave you counting down the seconds until the next one because the story delivers 100% on intrigue, anticipation, and just good old entertainment. The art is, in a word, beautiful. Its just looks beautiful and it will capture the reader’s eye from beginning to end.

8.5 out of 10

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