Avengers: Infinity War – SPOILER Review

Avengers Infinity War is finally here. Hold on, just let me have this moment. It is FINALLY here. This was such an anticipated event, and it accrued quite a bit of hype. Fortunately, it lived up to the hype. I do think that there were some fan theories that would have been awesome if they had been right, but as far as it goes, Infinity War held up.

Below there will be spoilers. We will also have a spoiler free review, so if you have not seen Infinity War yet, do not read on. Just. Don’t. Thanos demands my silence.

One thing that we all heard and found inevitable is the death of Loki. We’ve been down this road before though. We’ve watched him die quite a few times now actually. It was still emotional nonetheless due to Loki’s most recent redemption in Ragnarok, and when Thanos implied that there will be no resurrection this time, it really hits home. To be fair, this death was perfectly acceptable. He ends on a high note, and we feed into Thor’s mentality with him losing the final piece of his family.

There has been a lot of conjecture on who will die. Now, after seeing this movie, I finally understand Mark Ruffalo’s spoiler:


But we only have four major REAL deaths. We all know the dust bunnies will somehow work their way back into our lives. First, though, I will go over the other few deaths we see.

Now, right from the get-go, Loki, yes, but we also see Heimdall get executed by Thanos. I was grateful that this was in the beginning because one theory was that Heimdall held the Soul Stone based on his abilities and the fact that his eyes are orange (like the Soul Stone). So, he gets killed right after sending Hulk back to Earth. As much as I love Heimdall and Idris Elba, I wasn’t too phased by this. I mean, Ragnarok killed off the Warriors Three no problem, so this kind of felt like that. Plus we already lost Asgard, so Heimdall is not going to be as crucial of a character as he once was. I guess it does really piss off Thor though where he makes a threat that he follows through with later.

Another “for reals” death we get is Gamora. Thanos takes her to show him where the Soul Stone is (which the location thankfully gets answered now that the Heimdall theory has been tossed out), and he has to sacrifice a soul. I feel like I saw this coming way sooner than Gamora did though. It is like she truly believed that Thanos was incapable of love, and that there was no way he could love her enough for him to consider using her. She goes off on a thing about how, after everything, he has lost because he has to sacrifice a soul, but she doesn’t think he has one to offer. The other significant part of this scene though is the return of the Red Skull. Not sure why Hugo Weaving could not reprise the role, but who better to get to play him than the master of nano impressions – Ross Marquand. I’m glad they finally addressed the character and what happened to him, but we are still left with a lot of questions about him, which probably won’t get answered.

And our last official death is Vision. We had hope throughout the whole movie that he might just make it. If anyone could save him, it would be Shuri. But alas, she can’t get it done it time. We may get to see Paul Bettany again if they go into Scarlet Witch’s House of M story line where she can conjure him up using her mind (plus children and all of that). It may be too much for them to go into though, so I’m not holding my breath on that one. I thought that the vision of Vision without color and his head ripped open was such a blow. It really added to the weight.

So then we lose some of the best characters at the end. The most prominent theory is that they are in the soul stone – which is what happens in the comics. Based on a lot of things, we do know that at least some of them come back. For starters, we have Guardians 3 and a new Spiderman already announced, so we should get them. Plus, other actors like Sebastian Stan (Bucky/Winter Soldier/White Wolf) and Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) have more movies in their contracts, so they can’t get rid of them now! Regardless of logistics, it was a dark and heavy end which left everyone feeling down. The bad guy won. Ew.

If it had to be anyone, though, it would definitely be Thanos. Baddest of the Baddies, Josh Brolin did an amazing job with the character. The directing and script were also amazing. At one point, we see him talking with Gamora, and Thanos sits down on the steps and rests his arms on his knees. Scenes like that, I feel, give a lot of “humanity” to the character. Not only that, but his logic isn’t wrong. We definitely find ourselves understanding him to an extent. We may get more back story with him in the new Captain Marvel movie that comes out before the next Avengers. The movie takes place in the 1990s and revolves around the Skrulls. Seeing as Thanos has been working toward this end for a while now, it is rumored that we will get more information.

Something that I liked about the gauntlet was that it wasn’t just a massive bulk of power. Thanos clenches his fist and whichever stone he wants to use lights up. It’s not just a giant fist of power, it is more practical and thought through.

I definitely need to address the Doctor Strange portion. He has seen the future possible outcomes, and there is only one instance where they can win. He gives Thanos the Time Stone before Thanos kills Tony Stark. This leads me to believe that Strange saw that Iron Man is crucial to the “winning scenario”, and that this was the only one way to save him. (I did enjoy watching the two similar characters of Iron Man and Doctor Strange have their time together. It did not disappoint.) Doctor Strange clearly has a plan, he’s no idiot, but unfortunately he did not share this plan with anyone, so let’s hope that it works out…..

We did finally get to see some love and relationship in this one. The tease of Gamora and Starlord has been lingering, and we all know that Vision and Scarlet Witch have their thing. We now get to see the culmination of that. But I am so glad that when Bruce walks in and sees Black Widow, that doesn’t turn into a thing too. We got enough ‘relationship’ stuff in this one, and I’m glad they didn’t push it too far.

Cramming all of this into one movie left a lot of areas unexplored and scenes that were obviously cut short. The Russos said that there will be over 30 minutes of deleted and extended scenes, so I’m looking forward to that. The wait for the DVD to come out will be a long one. On the topic of the pacing and cramming things in, I did feel like a few things were a bit more rushed than I would have liked. The battle in Wakanda starts quick. Thor showing up at the exact right moment with Storm Breaker came quick. I would have been content watching a 4 hour version of that movie to get the pacing that is appropriate but the Russo brothers did an amazing job with what they had.

I feel like there is so much more that I could add to all of this. Instead, I invite you to comment below and share thoughts, feelings, ideas, topics, etc for further discussion.

Honorable mentions:

Starlord:”Is Footloose still the greatest movie of all time?”
Spiderman: “It never was.”


The Bucky spinning Rocket Raccoon during Wakanda fight. “How much for the arm?”

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