Titans #2 Annual Review

Written by Dan Abnett
Art by Tom Grummett and Tom Derenick
Inks by Cam Smith, Mick Gray and Trevor Scott
Colors by Adriano Lucas

This annual is essentially the two part finale to the Brotherhood of Evil arc. With Brain and Mallah on the warpath last issue, and Brain’s intellect growing exponentially, he was able to start influencing the weather and had the Justice League pinned down. This annual was surely fast-tracked to finish this month with No Justice set to begin in May, and I must say that it all turned out okay in the end.

With the Justice League unable to provide resistance to Brain and Mallah, the Titans decide to pull themselves out of exile to try and save the day. The first reunion of the team is Donna and Roy as they realize that they are going to have to put their differences aside to try and save the day – besides they both realize that they still care about each other way too much to not admit it to each other, and so begins the steps to the team reuniting now that Cheshire has been taken out. Shortly after, the rest of the Titans are on the scene, and there is expected friction between Roy and Dick, but that’s never stopped them working together in the past, and it won’t now.

Brain starts to throw everything he can at the team in terms of artificial intelligence, but while it is a struggle for them, the team are working so well together that they are able to repel all the attacks. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have an Amazonian and a Speedster on the team to help tip the scales. With some help from a regretful Mallah, the Titans locate Brain, and Roy takes care of the situation as only an archer can. Clue:BOOM!

While Dan Abnett has scripted all of the Annual, the art is split into two teams with both getting roughly 20 pages each. Creatively it all works though, and the Annual is quite polished given how little time they probably had to push it out and make it look good, so I’m giving credit where credit is due here. I definitely like the pencils of Tom Derenick in the second half of the comic more, but Tom Grummett’s work was quite good as well, and the whole issue is inked and colored very well, so no complaints artwise at all.

While this wasn’t my favorite arc that I have read of the Titans Rebirth era, it ended up exceeding my expectations slightly when I was trying to predict my opinion when Titans Apart started. I think next issue will not disappoint as it is one part of the four part No Justice crossover by Scott Snyder, and it’s not a crazy prediction to say that next issue will probably sell out, so grab it early to avoid disappointment.

7 out of 10

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