The Silencer #4 Exit Strategy

Story by, Victor Bogdanovic & Dan Abnett
Art by, Victor Bodanovic
Colors by, Mike Spicer
Letters, by, Tom Napolitano
Reviewed by, Tom Zimm


Previously, the Silencer attacks her previous employer: The Leviathan Corporation. She tears her way through a heavily armed group of assassins in a warehouse prior to Talia Al Gul blowing it up. She escapes the encounter unscathed but settles into the fact that she has one more job to do before she can gain her freedom. Honor, The Silencer, must help Talia defeat The Leviathan Corporation.

This issue begins- it’s five years ago, and Honor and Talia spar. Honor wins but holds back. Talia confronts her, and Honor defends her decision, “I don’t kill needlessly.” Later, Honor confesses to Talia that she wants out of Leviathan. Talia is supportive but tells her that she has one more job to complete and points her toward the target. Guile, the accountant for Leviathan, is described by Talia as an evil man disguised as a normal citizen. She also discloses that Guile has demanded to be set free from Leviathan. When his request was denied, Guile went to the authorities, and that’s what makes Guile different from Honor, or so Talia says.

Meanwhile, in the present-day, Honor is at home with her family. Her husband mows the lawn while Honor struggles to do the laundry. She smashes the machine in frustration, which her husband empathically suggests that the machine was old and they needed to replace it anyway. Conversely, the book shows an encounter between The Silencer and an arms dealer and confidant of hers. She places an order for weapons and munitions. Afterward, he prompts The Silencer to help Talia regain control of Leviathan.

Back in the past, The Silencer stalks Guile, devises her plan, and attacks. She is met by a contracted bodyguard – Deathstroke. A vicious fight ensues. The Silencer disposes of Deathstroke. She confronts the accountant who begs for his life. Deathstroke returns, and after witnessing her murder, Guile declares, “You just started a war.” The book transitions back to the present, Deathstroke confronts The Silencer, “I told you that you’d start a war.”

Overall = 9/10

Final Impressions

I loved this book! The art by Bogdanovic complemented and propelled the story forward as much as the written exposition.  At points, a shadowy figure of The Silencer was layered over events where she surveyed her target, communicating her stealth and the dark nature of her work as an assassin. The story is dark with layers. Silencer’s desire to live a normal life is relatable. She is caught in a trap that contributes to her hypocrisy, evidenced by her killing needlessly to be set free from Leviathan. This part of the story is executed flawlessly and contributes to the felt tension in the characters. I highly recommend picking up this issue. This is a wonderful character with a very interesting backstory..    

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