The Flash #45 After the Storm

Written by, Joshua Williamson
Art by, Christian Duce
Colors by, Luis Guerro
Letters by, Steve Wands
Reviewed by, Tom Zimm


In the previous issue, Barry Allen defeats Grodd with the help of Wall West, Kid Flash, Avery, and  Godspeed – his family. In the process, Barry learns that he can rely on his family to help him overcome his character flaws, especially the need to be the hero. However, Central City was damaged significantly by the force storm. In addition, Godspeed left the team in the middle of the fight and is lost.

This issue begins as Wally West purchases flowers and has a conversation with the shop owner about the time it would take to repair the damage done to Central City. Meanwhile Barry visits Meena, who is locked up in Iron Heights with a “power-dampening” collar, which keeps the effect of the negative Speed Force from tearing her apart. Meena admits to Barry that she wanted to do some of the evil things that she did while under Grodd’s control. Barry refuses to believe that, blaming Grodd for controlling her mind and enticing her with the connection to the Negative Speed Force. Meena accuses Barry of having evil intentions as well. Barry admits he has bad motives; however, he has a team of speedsters that can help him overcome, and so can she.

While this is happening, Godspeed meets with **25th century bad guy who promises to help him locate his brother’s killer. Back in the present, Avery tries to convince Kid Flash to join her on the New Justice League. Kid Flash refuses stating that he is needed in Central City to watch over Barry and to help his aunt, Iris West. Finally, Barry and Iris continue their conversation about his being The Flash, which they started several issues ago. Iris tells Barry that she in love with who he is as a person and not with The Flash. Barry Allen doesn’t need the applause or the attention; the Barry Allen Iris knows does what he does for people.

Overall = 8/10

Final Impressions

This issues ties up the loose ends and story parts that have been hanging around for the past ten issues of this book. Significantly, Barry and Iris repair their relationship. Meanwhile his team of speedsters, Wally West and Kid Flash, stick around to support Barry. The art in this issue is different: it’s more life-like; however, the heads of characters appear to be disproportionately large at times. The details in the characters faces and body postures is well crafted, and the colors complement the pencilling well. This book felt like a filler issue in some ways; however, the issue ends on a cliffhanger as Godspeed and the villain from the 25th century conspire to defeat the team of speedsters from the present.   

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