Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #43

The Story

Across the varying sectors all over the universe, the Darkstars are creating chaos. They are eradicating evil, but they are doing so in an evil way. The noble thing about our DC heroes is that they bring justice to bad guys without killing. The Darkstars are killing. Oh, and shout out to Arisia, one of my favorite female Green Lanterns! She had a feature on the first page of this issue! We don’t see her enough. I still maintain that Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz need to be taken off of the “Green Lanterns” title and let “Green Lanterns” follow Arisia and someone else, like the new Xudarian Lantern, Somar-Le. That would be AWESOME!! But I digress…

Back in space sector zero, on planet Mogo, Hal, John, Guy, and Kyle are discussing with the Guardians a proper plan of action. Since Darkstar One took Tomar-Tu from his Sciencell and recruited him into their ranks, there have been at least 47 incidents of the Darkstars purging evil across varying sectors. Salaak has come up with a possible point of origin of the Darkstars after compiling times and locations of the many killings. It is in space sector one. Our four Lanterns are trying to convince the Guardians that this is not a situation to take their time making a decision on (like they were going to do when Hal was Zod’s prisoner). Surprisingly, the Guardians agreed and gave John full reins on the course of action. At this point in the story, I am totally pumped because I thought for sure the Guardians were going to be frustratingly difficult in deciding what course of action to take. But I was wrong, and now we are about to see some serious action.

As the Green Lanterns get to where they think the Darkstars are, everything seems quiet. Then out of nowhere a Darkstar shows up, and guess what? They are phase jumpers (hence the reason they were able to get Tomar-Tu out of his sciencell so easily). The Darkstar teleports ALL the Lanterns back to Mogo (kind of a lol moment), except Hal who they teleport into the Darkstar base. Inside the base there is a whole legion of Darkstars. When John says they’re coming back for Hal, Hal tells John they need to come back with A LOT more Lanterns.

Tomar-Tu flies up to Hal Jordan and tells him that nobody will fight him today. He resists Hal’s urge to bring him home, and says he has chosen his own path and made his own decisions. He tells Hal that the Darkstars are police that are not bound by laws that protect the lives of criminals. Tomar-Tu’s father was murdered long ago, and the killer is still breathing because of the laws that people like the Green Lanterns follow. He teleports both himself and Hal to another place. In this place the Controllers are being held prisoner. Tomar-Tu wanted to show him that they, the Darkstars, are the ones in control. They are using the Controller’s psionic powers to fuel the Darkstar foundry.

Tomar-Tu teleports Hal and himself, with a bunch of Darkstars, back to Mogo. But he does so peacefully and to deliver a message. Tomar-Tu tells John and all the Green Lanterns that they are safe and that they would be wise to stand aside as the Darkstars bring their version of justice to the universe. He states that the current prisoners that the Green Lanterns have in their sciencells can stay for now, but when their final day of judgment approaches, the Lanterns would do well to again stand aside and let the Darkstars do their thing.

On that note, we will have to find out what happens next time in: Friends in Low Places.


Every review I write on this title sings praises of Robert Venditti. Well folks, this review is no different! Venditti knows how to tell an incredible story. I don’t know how he does it. I really feel like everything he writes is pure gold. He sets up premises, plots, and gets the ball rolling. There is no lingering, no frustrating moments, and certainly no boring moments. Every issue is reliably amazing, and easy to get lost in. Whenever I read an issue of this title, I get pulled into like I am right there with Hal Jordan. The art is on point too, stunningly breathtaking. Include this in your pull for the week. After all, it is the best DC title out right now!

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