Detective Comics #979

The Story

After activating and releasing the OMACS on both Batman and the Colony, Ulysses is once again showing Tim the possible, horrific future events which are compiled from files that he stole from future-Tim’s system. Tim is experiencing these events as if he is living in them. In this future he’s seeing now, the OMACS are taking over Tim’s body as well as everything else, and Cassandra Cain is fighting for their lives. Alas, it is just a simulation, and Ulysses pulls Tim out and offers to him, once again, a partnership in the Project OMAC. By now we know that this project has the goal of assimilating a team of OMACS, controlled by Brother Eye. Tim seems emotionally broken and weak at this point. Not something I am too thrilled to see. Ever since Tim has been back from the Prison of Mr. Oz, he’s been a sub-par character. So disappointing for me because, if you’ve read any of my other reviews, you know Tim Drake is my favorite DC character.

Cut to the ruins of Kane Manor where Batman is confronting Batwoman and her father, Colonel Kane. The OMAC-possessed Colony soldiers have attacked, and they are struggling to fight them off. This is where I start to get a bit frustrated. Lately, James Tynion IV has not been representing Batman very well. We all know Batman as this expert martial artist and genius detective, but Tynion has been painting him in this ‘incapable light.’ Batman is supposed to know how to diffuse anything and everything, heck, he’s even arguably the most powerful hero in the DC universe. He has well thought out back up plans, to back up plans, to back up plans, etc… We’ve all heard the argument. But in this skirmish, and lately many other situations for that matter, Batman seems totally incompetent. When Batman makes a suggestion on what is going on with this particular attack, Batwoman corrects him and her team swoops in to save the day. Then the reader is left with this idea that Batman is some mediocre hero. On top of that, everyone is talking down to Batman like he is inexperienced and doesn’t know anything. Tynion even writes Batman into the story as if he is in fact incompetent. Batman has had such a weak role in Detective Comics lately, and he has lost pretty much all control of everything. It is also frustrating to see Batwoman looking like she’s smarter than everyone else, almost like Detective Comics revolves around her, and she is the one who is a murderer. From the beginning of Rebirth to now, I have absolutely loathed Kate Kane. She is such a ridiculous character on so many levels, yet, even in Batman’s own series, she one-ups him in every situation. What the hell Tynion??

We now cut back to Ulysses and his tormenting of Tim Drake. Ulysses is telling Tim how unstable he has been these past few months, and how he could very well be ‘lost forever,’ and then continues to anguish him with visions of Brother-Eye, OMACS, and violent future possibilities. This is another exasperating moment for me. Tim being out-witted and played with by some nobody character that showed up a few issues back out of nowhere. Think of everything Tim has been through. Alternate dimensions, heroic battles, he even tracked Batman down through the annals of time (during the death of Bruce Wayne), and this little twerp Ulysses is getting in Tim’s head? No, just stop…

Colonel Kane says there might be a failsafe to the Belfry if they kill the hosts. Batman knows that Tim is somehow connected and states that Tim would die too. Batwoman and her father ask what he needs, and Batman just says “time.” Batman leaves to get Cass and Stephanie and request their help. We will have to find out what this all boils down to next time in: Eye Against Eye.


I must say Detective Comics is going downhill, and that makes me sad. I thought the return of Tim Drake would bring about insanely epic stories/comics. But nothing since his return has really wowed me. It’s beginning to feel like a chore to read this title, which is unfortunate because Detective Comics was reliably awesome, and now it is taking a nose-dive. If I separate myself from my feelings and love for Batman and Red Robin, the story is decent. The artwork is nice, but not as epic as it was when Sebela, Carnero, and Arreola were working on it. The colors are dark which is unquestionably fitting for this title, but there is a lot of cross-hatching which I am not a big fan of. But that is just personal preference. I recommend including this title in your pull for the week because I am holding on to the hope that Tynion will turn this around and show Batman in the respectable way that he should be shown in. That is the way it should be. This is Batman’s title, not Batwoman’s, not Luke Fox’s, not anyone’s… Just Batman.

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