Batgirl #22 Review

Writer: Hope Larson
Pencils: Minkyu Jung
Inks: Jose Marzan Jr.
Colors: Mat Lopes

Spoilers ahead!

From the very first panel, I would’ve sworn this was going to be a Ready Player One parody. Turns out the guy just wears a goofy visor and shoots electricity at people. After Barbara takes a hit, things go… pretty slowly.

She meets up with an old friend to grab some dinner. Later when she ponders whether to sign back up for MMA, she runs into yet another old friend. However, this one is all roided out and has some pretty clear anger management issues. Batgirl is on the case, and she tracks it to an illegal MMA-fighting ring.

That’s when we get into the big twist of the issue. It was all a dream! That blast Barbara was hit with at the beginning of the issue sent her into some kind of weird coma. Turns out she’s trapped inside her own mind. In the words of the issue, “[Her] brain is traveling at the speed of light, but the real world might as well be frozen.” She needs to escape or forever be trapped within her brain.

The best parts of this issue are absolutely the beginning and the end. I was honestly a little worried when Barbara’s friend, May, was clearly on steroids. I honestly thought, “Really? We’re still getting ‘very special’ issues about performance enhancing drugs?”

But I have to say, this is an incredibly intriguing premise. Now that Batgirl is aware she’s in a suspended state, how is she going to get out of it?

Overall score: 7/10

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