Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #26

Written by Kyle Higgens
Illustrated by Daniele Di Nicuolo
Colors by Walter Baiamonte
Letters by Ed Dukeshire


At the start of this second part of the SHATTERED GRID event, emotions are high and somewhat confusing. We start at somewhat of a sentimental side of Lord Drakkon. With how deadly and ruthless he has been for the Rangers all this time, it’s a bit on the odd side to see him hug a “friend”. Elsewhere we have Billy, Jason, Zach, Kim, and Trini grieving at a funeral for their fallen partner and friend Tommy Oliver. After an emotional four days, Jen Scott of the Time Force Rangers wakes up after her big entrance of the last issue. As she introduces herself, she explains the manner of which her and her team found the Morphing Grid to be shattered as well as the timeline of the Rangers of future generations that have been affected. Kim only hearing what she wants to hear, tells the team that with Jen Scott’s time traveling technology, they can go back and save Tommy. It’s at this point we jump to the Power Ranger Samurai team in the future, where Lord Drakkon attacks, taking down all but the Red Ranger, Lauren.

Alerted by the anomaly, the team, along with Jen Scott, teleport to Samurai’s time to help. Barely making it, they are able to help Lauren, and they teleport along with her back to the Command Center. The issue concludes with Drakkon essentially absorbing the power of the Power Ranger Samurai team and, along with it, getting an adapted suit (some aspects of the Samurai’s uniform are altered into Drakkon design).

Shattered Grid is everything I would have expected it to be, and this is just the beginning. There are still questions that need to be answered and still a story to be told. Kyle Higgins has somehow made an already huge franchise even bigger. Fans of the franchise already know that teams have crossed over several times before in the TV series but never like this. Higgins tweeted once, before the event took off, that no Ranger was safe. With only two issues in, the reality of his words are starting to sink in.

Daniele Di Nicuolo has continued to make this book worthy of an action adventure. To the character emotional expressions, to the attention to detail on the Samurai Rangers morpher. He brings a lot of the imagination of the show into fruition.



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