The Brave and The Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman #3

The Brave and The Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman #3

Matt Granberry

Writer: Liam Sharp
Artist: Liam Sharp
Colors: Romulo Fajardo Jr

Batman has joined Diana in Tir Na Nog to investigate the murder of King Elatha. Though this new world is strange to the Dark Knight, he wastes no time jumping into the role of detective and begins his investigation. Unbeknownst to Wonder Woman or Batman, there seems to be other players in this game that have yet to be revealed but will no doubt have an influence on the outcome of the story.

This is what I would call a kinda filler issue. There was not much action but a lot of dialogue between our two main characters to set the stage for the next issue. Now I know filler issues have their purpose, and this one is no different. The banter between Diana and Bruce gave depth to the characters who were just trying to get used to a unknown world. Now a casual reader may get lost in the conversation, but if you read closer, Sharp actually provides a bit of intrigue and good story flow. So there may not be a lot of action sequences in this issue, but Sharp does a great job of just building the story through dialogue rather than have Diana and Bruce use their fists all the time.

Sharp and Fajardo Jr once again deliver exceptional art in this issue. The depth of color and detail in the features of not only the characters but the background continue to enhance the story greatly. Pops of color draw in the reader’s eye, and detail work on characters physiques and the creatures and inhabitants of Tir Na Nog bring the story to life in a wonderful way.

This may not be the most exciting issue, but I believe it’s a critical one for story flow and character development, as well as just enjoying fantastic art. This issue serves as foundation for what is surely going to be a shift into over drive for the next issue.


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