Nightwing #43 Review

Written by Michael Moreci
Art by Minkyu Jung
Colors by Felipe Sobreiro

Here we are, the final issue before Benjamin Percy starts his run, and we of course have another inconsequential one-shot up on deck. Please forgive my dismissive attitude, truth be told, I enjoyed the issue quite a bit, but at the end of the day, it will be forgettable.

The issue takes place before Nightwing #34 and is a tale that features Damian Wayne, as he did last issue, but this item we also have Roy Harper a.k.a. Arsenal along for the ride. I’m a big fan of Roy Harper as a character, and I wish he was on the Outlaws team like he was in the New 52 as I feel that was the last time we saw him feature properly in a comic on a month to month basis. Anyway I digress, this is a Nightwing review, and I gotta get back on track.

So what’s going on in this one-shot you ask? Damian and Roy both contact Dick asking for some vigilante assistance while he is trying to have a quiet night in Bludhaven. At first he is hesitant to agree to either of their requests, but we all know Dick is too much of a nice guy to say no to his brother and his bud, so he submits to their requests.

It turns out Cheshire is up to no good, and Dick can’t tell if Roy wants his help in stopping her, or if he is after some relationship assistance. Damian, of course, is unimpressed by the situation and just wants to take out the bad guys. Snarky comments are made, and shade is thrown as Damian and Roy do their best to put the other down which makes for some nice comic relief, and of course the three of them end up averting a bit of a crisis.

The focus of Michael Moreci’s plot is on the characters and their dynamics and how much regard Dick is held in by his brother and friend. People rely on Dick, they want him in their lives because he is such a genuine good guy, and both Roy and Damian want that mateship in their lives all the time, not just every now and then. They of course won’t come out and say it in those exact words, but Moreci does a good job of showing the reader this with his dialogue as the story progresses. My only qualm with Moreci’s characterization was that Damian was written a little over the top in regards to his bratty-ness, but that is par for the course whenever you are not reading about Damian in Super Sons, so I can let it slide.

Minkyu Jung’s art is great, and it really shows that he has drawn Dick before in the past as Dick Grayson looks spot on, and Roy and Damian also are very drawn very much like how you would see them in other titles. His penciling of Cheshire was not to my taste, but it was still very good and much preferable to how she is being depicted currently in Titans. If you want to see more of Minkyu Jung’s art you can pick up the DC’s New Talent Showcase which was released late last year, or hunt down some Nightwing trades like the first volume of Nightwing Rebirth or the second volume of Titans Rebirth.

Next issue, the all new creative team starts, and the promise of a new beginning for Nightwing and Dick Grayson beckons. I can’t wait to see what Percy has in store for us. I am really keen for this series to step up and be a must have on many people’s pull lists.

7.5 out of 10

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