Justice League #43 Review

Script: Priest
Art & Color: Pete Woods
Letters: Willie Schu

Priest’s finale to “Justice Lost” wraps the story up in a thrilling fashion. What began as one fan’s conquest to protect the League as he saw fit, ends with everyone getting involved in geo-political matters on a scale none of them have had to contend with before. So let’s get into it.

Deathstroke fights the Justice League, scaring the nearby refugees. Meanwhile, Raven heals Wonder Woman, taking her pain and allowing her to return to Africa. However, upon her arrival, she finds the League’s fight against Deathstroke was all a ruse. It was Cyborg’s belief that deep down, no one, not even the League, could change human nature. So they had to improvise in a profound fashion.

The end of the issue even calls into question whether Batman wanted Deathstroke to murder the League’s #1 Fan. That part is left a bit ambiguous while everything else from Simon Baz’s lunch with Superman to Jessica Cruz admitting to Selina Kyle she kissed Batman gets wrapped up with a pretty bow.

Personally, I’m still not so sure how to feel about Simon’s lunch. That’s been teased for several issues now, and while I like the idea that Simon overhyped the meeting while Superman just wanted to hang out, it felt a tad anticlimactic.

This arc has been all about how, in the world of politics and borders, there is not always an easy answer. The Justice League cannot solve a humanitarian crisis by punching something, and the League has even had to contend with the fact that their presence could make a crisis worse. However, these matters seemingly won’t weigh them down for long. It looks like they’ll be back in action soon with Martian Manhunter tagging along.

Overall Score: 8/10

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