Batman #45 Review

Written by Tom King
Pencils and Inks by Tony Salvador Daniel
Color by Tomeu Morey

Tony Daniel on Batman art! Hooray! Except wait…this is a bit boring, and Booster Gold is here…Dang it, not a Tom King riff on the classic Superman “For the Man Who Has Everything” – YEP! Friends, this week is bound to be an argument starter.

A new arc begins in the lead up to Batman & Catwoman’s wedding with a time travel Booster Gold plot. Booster is going to give the gift of showing Bruce Wayne what a horrible future it would be had his parents lived. Is that a spoiler? It is very obvious from the opening pages that the alternate reality dystopia is a scary Gotham (and planet!). Opening with a roulette playing Joker as (somehow) Green Lantern floating above Gotham on fire and ending with a not heroic Bruce Wayne, this is Back to the Future II via Booster Gold. There is a Jason Todd commercial scene that plays in my head like a Hill Valley advertisement!

So the art is pretty fantastic. Daniel makes the most of playing with an alternate world with a gun toting Batman and such, but this issue is TOO MUCH QUIPPING. Booster and Skeets have some fun banter, yet too “cute” or clever is a tough read after a few panels. There is a great Kite Man joke however, and I will always appreciate King’s sense of playfulness when it comes to callbacks. Yet as a non-Booster fan, I didn’t enjoy this.

Without ruining any of the other little nods to alternate bleakness, I have to ask, why does Booster Gold get an invite to Batman’s wedding? This character is probably a lot of reader’s favorite, so maybe Booster fans will love this issue. It wasn’t for me, and I WANT to like each new Batman, but I am finding it difficult. The art is great, and there might be enough here to save it in re-reads, but the story will have to stick the landing for that to be the case.

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