Wonder Woman #44 Review

Written by James Robinson
Art by Emanuela Lupacchino
Inks and Colors by James McCarthy and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Here we are, deep into the Amazons Attacked arc, and on the surface, there is a lot happening. There are also a lot of movers and shakers in terms of characters on the board in this arc, and yet the James Robinson criticism continues. Since he took over from Greg Rucka he has to suffer the vitriol of many comic book critics and readers about how he does not know what to do with Diana and doesn’t understand our favorite Amazonian.

Am I one of those people? At times, yes I have been, but I have liked the majority of what he has done, and unlike many, I really enjoyed his major arc Children of the Gods which in large part led us here to this heavily Apokolyptic arc.

As a quick catch up for those who forgot, Darkseid has all the relics he was seeking in his possession and finally gets his Stargate working. Yes, I said Stargate – no one can tell me any different, it’s a friggin’ Stargate. In the final few panels, we were teased with a big showdown between Diana and Darkseid, and indeed we get it this issue as punches flow right from the get-go.

We actually get it in true WWE/F (depends how old you are) Royal Rumble style because it doesn’t stay a 1 on 1 fight for very long as Grail, Jason, The Furies and Steve Trevor all try to muscle in on the center court action, and it is so good to look at.

This whole issue is basically a bash-up with panels and panels of fight scenes, and my oh my, does Emanuela Lupacchino bring it to life. That’s right, she’s back on pencils, and of course any paper she touches produces magic! Her most recent work was during the Silver Swan arc a few issues ago, and I must say she may have even stepped up her game to another level.

The first double splash page where Diana strikes Darkseid is so good it’s poster worthy. What is it about Italian artist’s on this book? They can do no wrong. Last issue Marco Santucci was just as impressive, keep it coming Italia, ti vogliamo bene! Of course all of this wonder would not be possible without Ray McCarthy’s inks and Romulo Fajardo Jr.’s colors. Every time I read a book colored by Fajardo Jr. I am never disappointed. His palette choices are always on point.

Hands up high in the air, I freely admit that the story is not some deep and meaningful tale, but who cares? I liked this issue, and I think Robinson is doing a more than adequate job. It is so unfair to compare him to Rucka, even if he has had a few missteps. Let him learn from his mistakes, and he may be able to deliver in time what is required. If not, DC can find someone else. I really feel anyone who reads this review should pick up this issue as something very gasp-worthy happens at the end of the issue that really raises the stakes and makes for a nice cliffhanger.

I’m scoring this issue high, and it’s mainly due to the art, but I am also enjoying the no nonsense plot too, and I know you will too.

7.5 out of 10

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