Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #42

The Story

(spoilers ahead)
Remember a few issues back, before the Guardians reinstated their position over the Green Lantern Corps, and the Controllers had captured all of them? Well, enter the Controllers once again. When the Controllers failed to eradicate the Guardians, they escaped to Space Sector 0001 where they have been building an army of Darkstars. Let me just say, these Darkstars look really cool.

The issue starts off in Space Sector 0001 where the Controllers are saying that the Green Lanterns have been enforcing their laws for far too long, and that they are going to match them soldier for soldier using their Darkstars. These Darkstars are also far more advanced than those that we have seen in previous stories, and they’re preparing for deployment. This is going to get very interesting.

Remember Tomar-Tu? He was convicted of killing a Yellow Lantern back in Rebirth when the Green and Yellow Lanterns were being friendly. He is still imprisoned in a sciencell. When he was stripped of his ring, it went to Somar-Le, a younger female Xudarian. As it turns out, she visits Tomar-Tu every morning. Hal Jordan shows up during one of her visits and sends her off to train with Kilowog. Hal speaks with Tomar-Tu, and Tomar-Tu reveals that his time in the sciencell has brought him to realize that killing the Yellow Lantern was a good thing. He states that he would do it again given the chance. Tomar goes on to say that the universe needs people like him, and that if he ever gets out, he will kill again. He will kill all the “bad guys” to make the universe a cleaner place.

Back to the Controllers. As they are activating the Darkstars, one of them steps out of line. He calls himself Darkstar One, and he says he is searching for a suitable volunteer. As the head Controller tries to put the Darkstar back in line, he deliberately disobeys and leaves to find this volunteer. Gee, I wonder who this volunteer will be (*cough, cough, Tomar-Tu, cough, cough*)…

Hal is still talking with Tomar-Tu as Darkstar One somehow appears in his sciencell. He asks Tomar (right in front of Hal) “Do you wish to enforce lethal justice with the Darkstars?” Tomar says “yes,” then, BOOM, Tomar becomes a Darkstar. He then disappears, and Hal leaves to tell John Stewart. We now have to wait until next time to see what happens in: “The Hunt for Tomar-Tu.”


There are a couple things that really get me excited about this new run. First, Venditti is easily my favorite writer for DC, and he has done nothing but amaze me on his entire Hal Jordan run. Second, my man Ethan Van Sciver is now on art. He is a killer artist, no question about that. When the Darkstars were re-introduced a few issues back, I said in my review that they look really slick. That fact, mixed with the art of Van Sciver, will give us killer artwork for a fantastic run that I am super pumped for.

One thing that I find interesting about what is happening in this issue involves Tomar-Tu. He is a pretty iconic Green Lantern; he’s been around since 1992. When he committed an act of murder, it shined this “bad guy” light on him. He got locked in a sciencell, and now it appears that he is being made out to be an anti-hero of sorts. Not bad, but willing to kill to make the universe a better place. Robert Venditti is really doing interesting things, and I like it. He writes so well on this title- I trust whatever artistic decision he makes. Will Tomar-Tu get redemption in the DC Universe? I mean… Maybe… Wonder Woman did after she killed Maxwell Lord on national television, so why not our guy Tomar? We will have to keep reading and find out. I highly recommend including this issue in your pull for the week.

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