Justice League #42

Script: Priest
Art: Pete Woods
Letters: Willie Schu

Spoilers ahead!

The big shocker at the end of the last issue was Wonder Woman getting shot. Turns out machine gun fire ricocheted off Superman and hit Diana, forcing the Flash to take her to Raven of the Teen Titans.

Meanwhile, the rest of the League find themselves in a middle of a conflict that has spanned thousands of years, not unlike the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It’s here where the League comes against their greatest challenge: a problem without any clear solution. There are no monsters here to punch, no criminal to send to prison. The League debates every possible scenario, drawing parallels to modern political conversations regarding refugees and the concept of due process.

It’s here where Deathstroke takes matters into his own hands. Slade Wilson disposes of the League’s #1 Fan, who became a real thorn in Batman’s side. While Batman was unable to determine how to handle such a threat, Deathstroke did what Batman couldn’t: kill.

It’s highly unlikely Deathstroke will prove to be a hero in this scenario, but the next issue could very well see him attaining some temporary peace and appearing as a hero in the eyes of the public. The Green Lanterns may have returned, but the League’s P.R. nightmare isn’t over yet.

The League has done their best the last few issues to navigate the boundaries of right and wrong in a world that frequently operates in gray. For a team made up of aliens and demigods, the Justice League is still as clueless when navigating political waters as anyone else.

Overall score: 9/10

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