Green Arrow #39

Written by: Jackson Lanzing & Collin Kelly
Art by: Marcio Takara
Colors by: Marcello Maiolo
Letters by: Deron Bennett

Green Arrow just can’t catch a break. In this issue, Oliver Queen travels to Rhapastan to help with needs the locals may need after a civil war Deathstroke started a few months back. To Oliver’s surprise, no one wants any of his help, refusing food and telling him to go back. Oliver then changes to Green Arrow in order to win the good side of the civilians in order to help. They refuse his help, and Nothing (a new villain) appeared with his army of children. After a small scuffle with the children and Nothing, Green Arrow is shot and left for dead.

Just when I thought Oliver was going to be able to take it easy after the court case, he’s already lying on the floor bleeding out. Great way to jump into a new story. Without much explanation, I was attached to why these locals refused help. Who is Nothing, and how did such a young man talk his way into getting a child army?

The art was good in this issue. It helped the war torn towns look their part and gave awesome visuals to the last fight scene.


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