Saga #50

Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Art: Fiona Staples

In this issue of Saga, we start out on Jetsam with an intimate scene between Marco and Alana. In the last issue, Upsher and Doff had offered them a new identity in exchange for their story, but Marco and Alana turn them down in order to raise Hazel as who she is instead of changing who they all are. Sir Robot, on the other hand, has fallen in love with Petrichor and wants to take advantage of the “witness protection program” with a news story of his own.

Upsher and Doff don’t think Sir Robot’s story is as big as Marco and Alana’s, so they try to get as many details from Sir Robot as possible. Sir Robot’s “irrefutable proof” of a collusion between “the most formidable superpowers in the universe” doesn’t strike Upsher and Doff as a good enough story without the details. It’s implied that the story has less credibility coming inadvertently from a prostitute.

We then get to Petrichor teaching and coaching Hazel on learning how to fight. Hazel is still cute as ever, being scolded for saying “Kapow!” every time she destroys a monster. Hazel decides to confide in Petrichor about her anger towards Sir Robot for wanting to take Squire away from her. Petrichor, in turn, confides in Hazel that she has decided to join Sir Robot and change her body in order to live free. Hazel calls her out on the hypocrisy of an “easy out” by changing her body so she won’t be a transexual anymore, but Petrichor brushes it off by calling it “complicated”. I think the social and cultural commentary here is interesting.

This takes us to little Squire. It has already been said that he will learn the hard way that “rules are meant to broken”, resulting in life adventures. Squire seems to say goodbye to Ghüs as if he will do as he is told by Sir Robot, but Squire has other plans. Squire has a conversation with the stolen Ponk Konk about why he didn’t tell Ghüs the truth. Acting on the example the adults have set for him, Squire decides to run away instead.

We then get back to Ianthe and Bill. If Billy wasn’t involved, I would definitely skim past her story. She breaks into Zlote’s room and threatens him with “the Help” who has already killed all of his security. Looking for a lead to search for the journalists, she wants information on Doff’s safe house where he may be hiding “VIP sources”. Yet another new name, the Help, in great shape again and covered in blood, requests that Zlote just give her the information.

The story writing in this issue is wonderful as ever, bringing our reality into this giant made up universe. Sir Robot’s dialogue transformation and character development has been great. He’s still a crass jack-ass, but he has also become adaptable due to his fairly positive experiences with multiple races. Fiona Staples art is also fantastic, continuing to convey wonderful emotions through facial expressions, even when a face is a screen.


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