The Silencer #3

Art by, John Romita Jr.
Written by, Dan Abnett
Inks by, Sandra Hope
Colors by, Deen White and Arif Prianto
Letters by, Tom Napolitano


Previously in The Silencer, it was established that Honor Guest was a deadly assassin, trained by the League of Assassins. Having escaped this world, she is living a quiet family life, with a husband and child, in suburban America. Talia Al Gul interrupts Honor’s peaceful retirement and forces her back to the playing field to help her.

In this issue, The Silencer is surrounded by a team of operatives. Her former colleague, “Remedy”, is commissioned by Mr. Quietus to employ her in his quest, which remains unclear. The Silencer fights her way through the mob of weapon-wielding assassins. She makes her way to a tank when Talia Al Gul communicates a message to her: “Get out, right now!”

A large explosion rips through the building as The Silencer faces off against her foes. The art in this issue is gorgeous in its capturing of the scale and danger of the situation. There is rubble, bodies, and blood everywhere. The Silencer is nicked by a bullet and bleeds openly. Through the smoke and dust, and trail of blood, she escapes.

The issues makes a final transition to “Jellybean”, Honor’s son, as he waits at school for his mother to pick him up. Honor greets him with apologies and takes him for ice cream to make up for having him sit alone waiting for his mother. While Jellybean eats his snack, The Silencer’s mind is racing with intel: she can sense operatives closing in on her position; the danger and stress is tenable. Her inner monologue speaks her true heart: “I can’t do this” and “I need to find another way to fight back.” The final panel of the issue reveals, perhaps the greatest assassin of the DC universe, preparing his pursuit: Deathstroke!

Overall – 8/10

Final Impressions.

John Romita Jr art is gorgeous in areas that capture the action, the danger, and the demolition of The Silencer’s surroundings. In other ways, the art is awkward in its portrayal of faces and humans forms. While The Silencer looks unique with bold yet smooth facial features, others have overly large heads and jaws that appears disproportionate to the size of their bodies.

The story is action-packed and the tension is felt. I enjoy the fact that The Silencer is one of DC’s greatest assassins, yet, she is in very real danger. In addition, she needs to protect her child and husband, who she loves and who are vulnerable and unable to protect themselves against this League of trained assassins. I highly recommend this book.  

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