Teen Titans #18 Review

Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by Scott Eaton
Inks by Wayne Faucher
Colors by Jim Charalampidis

Last issue, Beast Boy befriended a girl called Joran who introduced him to a drug called Pixie that after inhaling, helps you feel on top of the world but also gives Joran the ability to control you like a puppet.

This issue focuses on how the Teen Titans slowly pick up clues and discover the company called Nevrland that is behind the creation of Pixie. Damian is doing most of the discovery this issue and brings the Titans together for a face off with Joran and Beast Boy.

Percy’s writing this issue attempts to showcase Gar’s isolation from the group and how he feels none of them really understand him and how much he resents the way Damian treats him. It’s a deep insight into his thoughts and how easily vulnerable he is to someone like Joran, who can say all the right things to make him feel better about himself and his insecurities.

The art team of Eaton, Faucher and Charalampidis did another great job, just like they did last issue. Each panel is so well rendered, with incredible detail. Even things that are in the background of selected panels look just as great as what’s in the foreground. I love artists that take the time to do that. This trio complement each other very well and it shows how great the results can be when you only have to meet a monthly deadline.

Without spoiling anything, next issue promises a lot of action and most likely a lot of reflection and with a suspected hint of regret on Gar’s part. See you in thirty.

7 out of 10

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