Redneck #11

Redneck #11 8.5 out of 10

Holy cow-biting vampires y’all…The now epic blood-feud ‘tween the Bowman’s and the Landry’s becomes something even more amazing with Redneck #11. This week’s installment is exciting and full of twists, which I shall not spoil here. This comic is neck deep, so I wouldn’t recommend jumping on now.

The first part of the story begins with Perry’s rescue of Bartlett. The catch is that Perry demands to know about her past. Her mind reading powers caught glimpses of something last issue, and now she needs to understand her truth. The reveal of her past really adds depth to this story, and I wish I could ruin it now, but I want readers to find out for themselves. A flashback with the evil grandfather is also a sight to behold. The art team delivers genuine terror during this sequence.

After truth comes anger in Perry’s case, and we get a full-“Carrie” segment with amazing colors and destruction. Last issue ended with the Bowman shack surrounded by FBI and law enforcement. During Perry’s “freakout” a fleeing member of the extended family runs off into the woods. He encounters this story’s second big twist. Again, I cannot spoil it here, but let’s just say that a character’s reappearance portends some MAJOR SHIT ’bout to go down in Redneck #12.

This vampire comic is as much about family as it is about neck biting. The action, wonderfully “sketchy” & “shadowy” art, and character development keep me reading month after month. Great book!

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