Batgirl #21 Review

Writer: Hope Larson
Art: Scott Godlewski
Colors: John Rauch

It’s a “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” of sorts in the newest issue of Batgirl. A goo monster (that sounds weird, but I don’t know how else to describe it) terrorizes women in Burnside and Gotham. When Batgirl goes to investigate a potential source of the goo at a local apothecary, she runs into Commissioner Gordon who’s also hot on the monster’s trail. They team up, and all the while, Gordon has no idea he’s sleuthing with his daughter.

Turns out the goo monster attacks women who use a certain type of beauty product. It senses when the product goes down the drain, so Batgirl and Gordon stage a sting operation where Barbara bleaches the monster to death. Hopefully they both closed their eyes when she unleashed the bleach inside the monster otherwise that would have stung their eyes like hell.

Batgirl keeps a part of the monster as a souvenir of the daddy-daughter day. However, it seems a tad irresponsible to keep a potentially dangerous creature in a fish tank in your bedroom.

This is a nice issue that plays around with a relationship that doesn’t get as much time as it deserves. Both of them bring something different to the table, and although there’s a lot in common between the two, there are plenty of interesting differences for the writer to play with. Gordon’s an old-fashioned detective-type while Barbara uses technology and science more to her advantage.

Overall, this was a good detective story with characters you care about. It’s the kind of story that leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, and with some of the comics out there right now, I like having a pleasant story with a happy ending to read.

Overall Score: 8/10

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