Superman #43 Bizarroverse part two

Written by, Patrick Gleason & Peter J. Tomasi

Pencils and Inks by, Patrick Gleason with Joe Prado

Colors by, Stephen Downer

Letters by, Rob Leigh


The previous issue ends with Superboy lamenting his family moving from the country while also feeling grateful that his parents are happy in Metropolis. He had just visited his friend Kathy and went on an adventure where he saw the Bizarro family through a portal.

This issue begins with Superboy leaving Kathy’s farm, and the reveal that he’d been watched by a character, Maya, in an invisibility suit. When Superboy returns home, Clark and Lois are watching a movie. Superboy goes to his room where he finds Bizarro Boy. Superman hears commotion and comes into the room only to be struck with ice-breath. A confrontation ensues which leads to the three in Metropolis with Superman and Superboy saving a helicopter from Bizarro Boy’s fire breath.

Meanwhile, the portal, which Kathy and Jonathan used, remained open allowing more Bizarro characters to enter earth: Robin’s double followed a signal to locate Bizarro Boy. In the meantime, Bizarro Boy is returned safely to his mother. Bizarro Boy’s mom thanks Superman for his help as things calm down. However, Bizarro arrives upset with Superman for interfering with his wife and child.  The issue ends as Superman takes Bizarro to the moon, abruptly, so the grown ups can talk.

Overall 8/10

Final Impressions

I continue to enjoy this story mainly due to the infusion of the Bizarro family. The Bizarro family, despite their issues, are grateful and open to being helped by Superman and Superboy. This is demonstrated as Bizarro Boy who tells Superman he’s sorry after Superman saves people in a helicopter crash he caused. The opposite’s language helps flush out meaning. For example, Bizarro Robin jumps into Bizarro Boy’s arms, grateful that he is safe. We’re reminded that the opposite dynamic is displayed by Damian toward Jonathan on earth. I would highly recommend this book as a nice deviation to the typical superhero stories being told.

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