Super Sons The Parent Trap part two #14

Written by, Peter J. Tomasi

Pencils by, Carlo Barberi

Inks by, Art Thibert

Letters by, Rob Leigh


In the previous issue, Damian is confronted by his mother who summons him to join her in the League of Shadows for an upcoming mission. Damian rejects her request and later breaks into the League’s office. He learns that the League has targeted Lois Lane and they plan to kill her.

Damian and Superboy find Lois Lane as she is conducting an interview and unaware that she is the target of the League of Shadows. The Super Sons finds Lois just in time for Jonathan to stop Damian’s mom from killing her. Jonathan takes out the League of Shadows while Damian duels his mother. She escapes after a vicious fight.

The story ends as Jonathan and Damian talk about Damian’s past as an assassin. Damian states, “I’ve learned I can be better” and “Whenever I am I prove her wrong”. Damian’s mother left him with the message that she’s learned all she needed from their encounter. Damian could have killed her, but lets her escape.

Overall 9/10

Final Impressions

The art captures the city landscape and action beautifully with its detail and use of colors. Jonathan’s bravery is what attracts me to the character. He’s a good boy who saved his mother and is concerned with pleasing her. Damian’s resolve to be better one choice at a time is very Batman-like and inspiring, as well. The ferocity of the fight between Damian and his mother made the threat to Lois feel more real. I highly recommend this book to readers.

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