The Brave and The Bold : Batman and Wonder Woman #2

The Brave and The Bold Batman and Wonder Woman # 2

Matt Granberry

Writer: Liam Sharp

Artists: Romulo Fajardo Jr and Liam Sharp

Diana and Lord Cernunnos do their best to ease the tensions in Tir Na Nog between the De Danann and the Fomorians, but the unrest is thick, and war is almost on the brink of happening. Diana decides its time to bring in a detective to aid in the investigation. Meanwhile, Bruce has snapped out of trance and is trying to understand why magic has anchored itself in the Irish quarter of Gotham. Unbeknownst to the parties at hand, Patrick O’Schull has found an opening to Tir Na Nog – his purpose yet to be seen.

This story reads like something out of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, and I find it quite interesting. The language that’s used here is not your typical comic book jargon, and it draws the reader really deep into the story. Sharp shows a nice pace of character development with the beings of Tir Na Nog. It’s not too fast, but it’s not to slow either. Transitioning from panel to panel is easily done here, and the reader doesn’t get lost or confused by the pace of the story. The mystery of Patrick O’Schull is particularly one that intrigues me. What’s his purpose? Is he friend or foe? I love that Sharp is just giving us enough to see what happens with this character.

Sharp and Fajardo Jr once again deliver exceptional art in this issue. The detail work in their drawings is outstanding. Every wrinkle, every stubble of facial hair, every feature of these characters are highlighted in great detail by these two. I like that they are using kind of a darker tone with the art which goes great with the theme of the story.

Unique storytelling and detailed art make for a wonderful continuation of this mini series.


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