Batman #43

BATMAN #43 — 4 out of 10

Leafy green nonsense continues in Batman #43, new this week, and I can’t say it is any better than the last time we checked in on Bat/Cat/Pam. I really thought I was starting to enjoy the post-engagement Batman, but then Poison Ivy shows up, and I’m right back to not being a fan of the current Batman run.

Picking up in a hospital room with Harley Quinn, a trio of super people (all controlled by Ivy), and way too much discussion of the horrid “War of Jokes and Riddles”, Bruce clearly has a plan as Catwoman walks/talks with Ivy. The entire story is a post script to how badly Ivy feels from actions taken during the “War”, but wasn’t that supposed to have taken place a long time ago? Why is Ivy just now feeling bad? I cannot stand this story y’all.

As Ivy gets distracted by Catwoman and loses her mind control of the world with a quick kick to her noodle, Bruce flees the hospital with Harley. They have to make it clear to Ivy that she isn’t to blame for the pain she helped inflict during the Joker v. Riddler battle. WHO CARES? There is way too much yapping in this issue and its not a well-conceived story, so talking it to death makes the page turns exhausting.

Once again, Janin’s art is good, but to recall one of my least favorite Batman stories of all time is to make my eyes want to speed through the visuals as much as the dialog. I’m struggling to find something to praise in this arc…why couldn’t we have skipped this and gone on with more Superman/Batman/Lois/Selina date nights? Here’s to hoping the wedding of Gotham’s finest is a fun reading experience.

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